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Nike Launches Prototype Shoes – The New FlyEase Go Sneakers

Nike Announces New Hands-Free FlyEase Go Sneakers

Are you a certified sneakerhead? Admit it or not, we all had our sneakers obsession stages when we were in middle school.

Most of us begged our parents to buy us a ton of them to switch with one another to show them off to our classmates. 

However, for yours truly, that sneakers obsession is already in the past. One can’t deny that a good pair of sneakers can be very useful to a person regardless of age, economic status, and even styling preferences. 

Chances are you owned a pair of Nike sneakers once in your waking life.

The company is well known for its famous sneakers offerings that cater to a lot of different people – their Air Jordan for all the basketball fans to Nike Gold for the people who like to do golf during their spare time.

It seems that the company has a sneaker for everybody, and this year, they are planning to expand it even more with the launch of the Nike FlyEase Go. 

A Breakthrough Product That Started Because Of A Nike Employee

The story behind the Nike FlyEase Go’s origins can be traced back to almost more than 12 years ago. 

According to stories, then-Nike CEO Mark Parker found out that the company’s first employee had suffered an episode of stroke, which ended up making them lose dexterity on one of their hands.

To show them the company’s appreciation for all of the hard work and efforts they have gone through for the sake of Nike, Parker then asked the company’s designer to craft a specific shoe design that would make it easier for them to put on without requiring too much effort.

It was then led to the birth of the first-ever iteration of the FlyEase that we all know today. 

Now, Nike is releasing the newest version of it with the FlyEase Go, which is seen to have a gradual rollout throughout the whole of 2021. 

The Hands-Free, Hassle-Free Shoe 

Dubbed as Nike’s first-ever hands-free shoe, the Nike FlyEase Go is designed to be used for people who have a hard time tying up the shoelaces of a traditional pair of sneakers.

Touted as one of Nike’s crowning glories in its pursuit of universal design, putting on the Nike FlyEase Go is a whole lot easier than ever before. 

According to company officials, they have entirely redesigned the whole shoe to be able to come up with a novel way of putting them on.

FlyEase Go Shoes

Credit – Nike

But how exactly do you put them on?

You only need to put your feet on them, and then the shoe automatically shuts itself off.

Some might be a little worried that it may slide off or this newest shoe is uncomfortable to use.

However, an initial review by Mark Wilson of Fast Company dispels these doubts. 

Wilson shares that putting on the shoes went on as smooth as butter. They also tried them on and did a variety of activities – from hopping to walking, which all of us do with our sneakers, right?

The Nike FlyEase Go worked like a charm and did not even accidentally slip off, as many speculated. 

Now that we know how to put them on, how do you take them off? Nike went with how most people usually take off their shoes – by scraping one’s toe on their opposite heel.

You may not notice it, but we all have done it with our shoes, whether we are wearing a fancy boot or a pair of everyday sneakers. 

With the Nike FlyEase Go, you only need to use your toe to take off the shoes.

Credit – Nike

You do not need to bend over to do this. Once done, the shoe gets back at its ready position wherein it is ready again to be used when needed. 

Putting them on and taking them off might seem Geek to you, but it is completely understandable.

However, with a few practices, it will then come naturally when you do it more frequently. 

Nike’s FlyEase Go lets the company tap into another source for its solid customer base.

People with limited dexterity and mobility, pregnant mothers, and even elderly people who have a hard time bending over their backs can make use of this newest shoe.

Also, the everyday individual can find this new product useful. It drastically cuts down the time one spends bending over and tying their shoelaces as well as untying them when taking them off. 

A truly hands-free and hassle-free sneaker for everybody, the Nike FlyeEase Go is slated for a retail value of $120. Would you buy this shoe? Let us know in the comments below.

FlyEase Go

Credit – Nike

Editor’s Note on Nike’s New FlyEase Go Sneakers:

This article is published to inform you of the latest Nike FlyEase Go shoes intended to be the company’s first hands-free sneaker offering.

What are your thoughts on this piece? Will you get yourself a Nike FlyEase Go this year?

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