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New Robocall Rules Consider The Consumer

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New Robocall Rules from The FCC Protect Consumers from Surprise Charges

Limited Time for Compliance According to Lawmakers

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and Congress have laid down some more pro-consumer rules to prevent surprise charges arising from robocalls, in an attempt to end the scourge of this issue.

Earlier this year, the FCC’s STIR/SHAKEN initiative was launched which ordered all phone carriers and companies to adopt new policies and procedures.

First, the FCC went after malicious caller ID spoofing, which can trick consumers into falsely thinking that a caller is calling from a company or government agency.

Six months later since the initiative began, screws on robocallers are being tightened by barring voice service providers from adding line-item charges to their bills for caller ID authentication, which results in consumer protection from surprise charges.

Alex Quilici, CEO of robocall-blocking software company YouMail said that “these rules put the squeeze on carriers to do more to block illegal calls before they hit consumers, while not allowing them to charge extra for it.”

Spotlight on Phone Companies

Communications companies are advised to upgrade their network systems or do whatever it takes for them to meet the new standards if they can’t put STIR/SHAKEN into action.

FCC is giving “limited extensions” to companies who may have problems in upgrading their networks, with the understanding that robocall abatement programs are being put into place in their systems.

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