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New Menu Item: The Chipotle Battery

A couple from Hackensack, New Jersey, has come out to say that they found a battery in their burrito bowl while eating dinner at Chipotle on Monday, August 7. This Chipotle battery appears to be from a wristwatch, and definitely has less protein than the carnitas option.

The couple was said to have been halfway done with their meal when Danielle Jackson bit into something hard. Her first thought, a bone, or something normal of the sort, but no, one can’t even expect the relatively abnormal from Chipotle anymore; as Mrs. Jackson handed the unpleasant (and unwanted) garnish to her husband, she realized it was, in fact, a battery. A Chipotle battery.

What you must realize here is that batteries are not meant to be heated (or served in food, but that’s beside the point…), and any of the vast amount of chemicals found inside a watch battery could have been extracted and baked into the food while it was being prepared. The couple called poison control to take precaution but seems to be okay for the time being. The store’s manager was not available to meet with the couple Monday evening but plans on speaking with them at some point within the week.

The couple called poison control to take the necessary precautions but, thankfully, everybody seems to be okay for the time being. The Hackensack Chipotle store manager was not available to meet with the couple Monday evening but does plan on speaking with them at some point within the week.

We have reached out to Chipotle to ask about this matter, but they have yet to respond. When they do, we will update you here.

Of course, you can look over this incident and claim that it is simply one incident in one store across a wide nation, but carelessness like this has plagued Chipotle for some time now. After the company’s massive norovirus/E. coli outbreak last year, Chipotle’s board swore to take every measure necessary to ensure that each and every dish served in their restaurants is safe and edible.

This has not been the case, though, as the company has been sued numerous times since these occurrences, and have made numerous headlines about its iffy food throughout this time period as well (most recently: More norovirus and rats falling from the ceiling!).

We can’t tell you not to eat Chipotle, nor would we want to for that matter (we’ll be the first to admit, it’s pretty good). But we do ask that you please be careful out there and stay informed of all our recent consumer happenings and horror stories. We, at Consider The Consumer, pledge to keep you as up to date as humanly possible on this!

If something like this has happened to you, please don’t hesitate to tell us! You can connect with us online through our online complaint portal, or email us directly at

To our knowledge, this story was first reported by the Hackensack Daily Voice.



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