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New Apple Update Causing Problems Consider The Consumer

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Is The New Apple Update Causing More Problems Than It’s Fixing?

Apple Update Causing Problems

Well, Apple is in the news yet again with their new update. Evidently, their new software update (iOS13.1.2.) is making quite a splash with iPhone & iPad users. While Apple’s pitch that the new update makes your devices more “powerful, personal, and protected,” many are claiming the opposite. Is the new Apple update causing more problems than it’s fixing? 

Well, the issues span the scope, ranging from battery drain, to call dropping, to shutting down internet pages, etc. A few users have reported lag time in many of the built-in apps as well.

“This 13.1.2 version is a disaster,” posted one Facebook user. “[It] has ruined the ease of correcting text character by character. Have had to reboot twice to attempt to correct.” Singing to the choir of disgruntled users, another wrote “Apple iOS 13.1.2 downloaded, and I regret it. Very little seems to work right.” 

Another Update Coming Soon?

This update was supposed to fix issues like the flashlight, camera, iCloud backup, and bluetooth. Unfortunately, however, the update looks like it’s just made matters worse.

At the moment, we can’t provide any easy fixes for consumers. We urge you to hang in there and will follow up, here, with any updates!

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