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Some More Good News On Coronavirus; Vaccine on Way and Cases Slow

More Good News On Coronavirus!

Each day, we are striving to deliver to you the best possible news on the Coronavirus, and the state of our new, crazy-ish, world. Today’s good news on Coronavirus comes from our friends at Mirror.

Newborn Recovers Quickly, Vaccine On Way Cases in Italy Slow

Mirror reports the following:

Scientists have reportedly found a coronavirus antibody while India has already been successfully treating patients, the world’s youngest victim is ‘recovering’ and China has closed its last virus hospital while Italy’s cases are slowing.

A few pieces of good news are starting to come out across the world in the fight against the potentially deadly Covid-19 infection, following travel bans, lockdowns and mass self-isolations.

More than 198,000 people have been confirmed as contaminated by the disease which has killed nearly 8,000 since December, but there does appear to be some hope on the horizon.

Over 82,760 people have successfully recovered worldwide and in mainland China, where the highly-infectious disease originated, only 13 new cases were confirmed by officials on Tuesday. Just one of those was a domestic transmission.

And despite the death toll in Italy – the world’s second biggest hotspot – continuing to skyrocket, the confirmed cases are now slowing.

Cases are also declining in South Korea – just 74 yesterday, a significant drop from 909 at its peak just over two weeks ago.

This comes as researchers in Rotterdam and Utrecht University claim they have found an antibody that can successfully cure a patient of the disease, reports the Sun.

All of this could lead to a vaccine and also allow people to test themselves at home, freeing up valuable time for struggling health services across the world.

Doctors at the Sawai Man Singh Hospital in Jaipar, India, meanwhile, have been using a cocktail of HIV, swine flu and Malaria medication to cure Covid-19 patients.

The Cleveland Clinic also apparently has technology which can turn around coronavirus tests in eight hours – though it still needs further in-house testing.

Japanese pharmaceutical firm Takeda Pharmaceutical Co has revealed it is working on a new coronavirus drug which uses blood plasma of recovered patients, and researchers in Ontario, Canada, have replicated the virus which could prove invaluable for testing.

In other positive news, a newborn baby at North Middlesex Hospital with the disease has now been confirmed to be “out of danger”, while 103-year-old grandmother Zhang Guangfen was cured within a week.

The first person in New Delhi to catch the virus has successfully recovered at Safdarjung hospital.

Medics in Wuhan were pictured happily throwing off their protective gear as China’s last emergency coronavirus hospital of 14 – built within a matter of days to specifically to tackle the escalating amount of cases in February – has been closed.

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