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Microsoft Email Server Hacked By Chinese Hackers

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Microsoft Email Server Hacked By Chinese Hackers – Are You In Trouble?

Organizations & Business Entities All Over The US Affected By Latest Hacking Attack On Microsoft Email Server 

An estimated 30 thousand entities in the United States, from official government offices to small and medium-sized businesses, are said to have fallen victim to the latest security compromise orchestrated by hackers early this month. 

Thousands of different organizations’ emails have been compromised after a cybersecurity attack was allegedly carried out by Chinese hackers. 

The hackers were able to exploit a weakness in versions 2013 through 2019 of the Microsoft Exchange Server application. 

Hackers were able to infiltrate an organization’s email and are able to steal confidential exchanges ranging from state secrets, contracts, business dealings, etc. 

The glaring blindspot was identified by cybersecurity experts a few months ago, and Microsoft has already released an update to address the issue a few days after the news of a large-scale hack broke out and large media outlets started covering them. 

However, experts warn that though an update has already been released, the hackers have stepped up their efforts and are continuing to perfect their strategy of attacking vulnerable groups and individuals. 

They stress the general members of the public along with organization administrators to download the security patch immediately to protect themselves from future attacks. 

Yet, industry experts believe that even though an update has already been installed, the hackers may have already installed a ‘backdoor’ that would grant them access at a later time. 

Microsoft is currently working with the authorities to handle the situation. The federal government has already released an order to its attached agencies to download the Microsoft security patch update or disconnect from the email server. 

A statement from the White House has expressed concern about the incident stating that the security compromise may have consequences that the whole country has yet to fully understand. 

Editor’s Note on Microsoft Email Server Hacked By Chinese Hackers:

This news update is aimed to inform you of the latest hacking incident affecting thousands upon thousands of business entities and organizations in the United States concerning Microsoft’s Email service. 

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