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Medication Management App Launched; Offer Consumers Drug Discounts

Medication Management App; KnowYourMeds

With the rise of technology, the medical field has also adapted to it. Thus, medication management apps have been created to support the consumers’ needs. One example is this new app refered to as the KnowYourMeds app. This app is created to help users manage their medications and be reminded of the pills they should take at a certain schedule. For consumers who take numerous medications, this technology is of big help.

However, the company has seen that there’s an increasing number of users who can’t take all their medication. After following up, the company discovered that these consumers couldn’t afford the increasing prices of their prescriptions.

Thus, the company has announced its partnership with another app, GoodRx, which is a source for prescription and healthcare discounts. Aside from letting consumers save money through discounts, this partnership will also assure that consumers can take their medications as their health care providers have prescribed.

“High drug prices have long been one of our users’ chief healthcare complaints,” revealed Kim Shah, CEO of KnowYourMeds Inc. “While the government keeps talking about lowering drug prices, the reality is that prices have gone up for many drugs in the last year. This relationship with GoodRx allows us to offer much needed valuable discounts to our users.” 

“As a medication and condition management platform, adhering to medication and condition protocols is a critical piece of our overall mission to motivate users to take control of their health,” KnowYourMeds stated. “Through this integration, KnowYourMeds addresses one of the leading factors in non-adherence which is the rising costs of medications.”

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