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McDonald's To Test Chicken Tenders. Again.

If you’ve had a chicken finger-shaped hole in your heart ever since McDonald’s yanked its Chicken Selects tenders from menus nationwide, healing may be in sight: The chain says it’s once again trying its hand at chicken tenders.

McDonald’s says it’s now offering Buttermilk Crispy Tenders in 138 restaurants in the Charlotte, NC, area. They 100% white meat tenders will be seasoned and battered before frying. The chain is also debuting a new Signature sauce to go with the tenders that it describes as “slightly tangy and sweet.”

“There are a lot of competitors in this market and we wanted to play in that arena and expand our chicken offerings,” said local McDonald’s Owner/Operator Jeff Stanton in a statement.

To that end, chicken is serious business in fast food right now: Burger King recently announced it was replacing its oft-reviled Tendercrisp chicken sandwich with something tastier, in an effort to keep up with competition from other [cough, McDonald’s, cough] restaurants.

Although McDonald’s indicated in Feb. 2015 that it would be willing to bring back Chicken Selects after a two-year hiatus, it changed its mind just a few short months later.

via, The Consumerist

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