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McDonald's Is Giving Away Free Fries For The Rest Of The Year McDonald's Free Fries Consider The Consumer

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McDonald’s Is Giving Away Free Fries For The Rest Of The Year

If you haven’t heard yet, McDonald’s is giving away free fries for the rest of the year! That’s right, you’re not just hearing things. Here’s how to get on that McDonald’s Free Fries bandwagon:

HNHH reports that companies that have been around for decades are trying to find better ways to connect with the younger generation. McDonald’s is one of those companies. Although you would never guess it by looking at the drive-thru line, McDonald’s has taken a hit in recent years. It could be a combination of things that led to the decline of the restaurant’s popularity. Americans have become more concerned about their health in recent years, and new gluten-free, fat-free, flavor-free diets seem to be ruling supreme. Another reason that McDonald’s has been facing declining sales may have to do with their lack of technology. The fast-food chain is looking to reconnect with the younger generation with a new app, which makes sense since the youth loves their phones.

In an effort to get as many people as possible on board with the new app, McDonald’s is offering free french fries all year for customers who download it. Customers can only get the hook-up on Friday (McDonald’s went for the pun in this circumstance) and they must also spend at least $1 through the app first. The deal started on July 13 to celebrate National French Fry Day, and the hook-up will be available every Friday through December 30.

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