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Man Serving 24 Years Ran a $1 Million Scam From Inside Prison

A man serving who is 24 years in a Nigerian maximum security prison is charged with using a sophisticated network of accomplices to run an international scam from inside the prison that brought in $1 million, according to officials.

Hope Olusegun Aroke was convicted of fraud four years ago and is serving his time in Lagos, according to a CNN report. The fraud victims lived in various nations. While incarcerated, Aroke was taken to the hospital for an undisclosed illness. Instead of being returned to prison, he ended up in hotels, where “he’d meet his wife and children, and attend social functions,” the CNN reporting said.

According to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission of Nigeria, Commission contacted by CNN for their reporting, “The circumstance of his admission into the hospital and those who aided his movement from the hospital to hotels and other social engagements is already being investigated.” The Commision declined to provide details related to how Aroke was able to get perks as an inmate. “All that is under investigation, I cannot speculate.”

Aroke used a fake name to open two accounts buy homes in upscale residential neighborhoods and luxury cars, according to authorities.

Aroke was arrested in 2012 for internet fraud. No details were provided as to what countries were included in the investigation.

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