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Kohl’s TCPA Class Action Lawsuit – Harassing Customers Into Paying Debts…

Kohl’s Harass Customers Into Paying Debts, Violates TCPA Provisions: Class Action

 Have you ever experienced being inundated with a barrage of calls all day long for your debts? 

That is the case with two class action lawsuits filed against Kohl’s by two of its former customers after they allegedly continued receiving potentially illegal automated calls even though they explicitly asked the company to refrain from doing so. 

Two Women Sue Kohl’s 

Kohl’s is currently facing two separate class actions, one filed in California and the other in Wisconsin, tackling the same issue of constantly calling customers about their credit card debts using an illegal automatic dialing system. 

California-native Ginger Paulin details that she availed a credit card from Kohl’s three years ago to use to shop there. Soon after, she became financially incapacitated to pay up her debt and ceased making payments altogether. 

The company then started making a series of everyday calls to her starting January this year. Tired of receiving such a high volume of calls, Paulin enlisted the help of an attorney. Yet, the calls continued to flood her notifications. 

It’s almost the same situation with Victoria Bauman from Wisconsin. Bauman signed up for a Kohl’s credit card and made payments on time at first. 

Then, when she became unable to pay up her debts which then led to her ultimately stopping making payments. 

This resulted in her being greeted with calls from the collectors every day to remind her of her payments. 

Though she has sent a request to the company to stop reaching out to her, the calls still continued to pour in. 

Kohl’s Is Violating The Law 

Both Paulin and Bauman filed their separate cases believing that the company is harassing them by making these high numbers of calls to collect payments for their debts. 

Additionally, they are raising counts of violations of the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) for the calls made by using an automated dialing system. 

TCPA is a law passed by the United States Congress to establish different rules and regulations governing marketing calls made over the phone. 

The law has been enacted by lawmakers to avoid companies continuously harassing their customers through calls. 

The two complainants are seeking to ask the court to order Kohl’s to pay up fines of up to USD 1,500 per call made using an illegal automatic dialing system. 

About Kohl’s

Kohl’s is the United States’ largest department store chain with over a thousand locations spread throughout the country except for the Hawaiian islands. 

Founded by Polish immigrant Maxwell Kohl in 1962, the company soon grew throughout the years leading up to its dominance in the market today. Kohl’s has recorded revenue of USD$20.23 billion in 2018. 

Editor’s Note on Kohl’s TCPA Class Action Lawsuit:

This report aims to give you the latest scoop in the class action lawsuit directed against Kohl’s for alleged transgressions of the TCPA by using a piece of illegal automated calls. 

Case Name(s) & No.(s): Paulin v. Kohl’s Inc.; Case No.: 5:21-cv-02948-NC; and, Bauman v. Kohl’s Corporation; Case No.: 1:21-cv-00519

Jurisdiction: United States District Court for the Northern District of California and United States District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, respectively

Products/Services Involved: Kohl’s automated calls

Allegation(s): Kohl’s is harassing its customers to pay up their debts through an illegal calling system

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