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Isoprex Miracle Pain Supplement Refund Consider The Consumer

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FTC Issues Refunds to Miracle Pain Supplement Consumers

Isoprex Marketing Accused of False and Misleading Claims; Leads to Isoprex Miracle Pain Supplement Refund

Thousands of refund checks have been issued and sent out by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to consumers who bought a pain supplement marketed as a “miracle” supplement known as Isoprex.

The supplement was sold online and through direct mail by Renaissance Health Publishing, LLC, and its owner, James DiGeorgia, and was advertised to give “seniors relief from muscle and joint pain, headaches, arthritis, joint inflammation, and a number of other ailments.” It promised to provide 100% relief from “the worst cases” of joint pain and inflammation.

Upon investigation, however, the FTC has discovered that there was insufficient evidence about the product’s claim of “miracle” pain relief.

Only Herbs and Spices

The studies and tests supporting the product’s branding as a “miracle” pill are false, according to the FTC, and it was found out that the supplement was actually “primarily a combination of various herbs and spices” that did not go through any placebo-controlled study testing.

FTC further accuses Renaissance Health Publishing of failing to mention that those who appeared in ads for Isoprex were either compensated for giving glowing reviews or were company employees themselves.

Andrew Smith, director of the FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection, stated before that “when you target older adults with promises that your supplement will relieve pain better than FDA-approved drugs, you’d better have the scientific proof to back that up. For help with pain or other health conditions, people should rely on their medical professional, not in an advertisement.”

A total of $76,368.54 in refunds were issued by FTC to older Americans who bought Isoprex, each receiving a check for $15.97.

FTC said that “people who get checks should deposit or cash them within 60 days. Consumers who did not get a refund, but believe that they should, should contact the refund administrator, Analytics, Inc., at 1-866-969-3783.”

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