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Baby Food Reported To Be Highly Toxic

Government Report Found Dangerous Heavy Metals in Top Selling Baby Foods

A government report recently reported that baby foods from some of the country’s largest manufacturers are tainted with dangerous heavy metals.

Released Thursday morning, the report mentioned lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury in baby foods, which can be extremely toxic to babies’ and toddlers’ development.

As a parent, one would often want the best and safest food for their babies. But as a Connecticut mother found out, it’s actually difficult to look for something you don’t have an idea you have to be wary about.

As a new mother, she has been taking extra care with Chloe, her firstborn. They’ve also never worried about whether baby food will ever have toxic metals in them.

It was disconcerting to hear that asides from worrying about your baby if they choke because of food or by items that are too small within their reach, now they have to worry about what goes into their foods.

But a congressional subcommittee investigation found metals in baby food.

Toxic metals affect babies’ and young children’s developing brains, as they are very vulnerable and may result in permanent brain injury.

Other risks include low IQ, issues in school, and criminal behavior in the future.

Members of the congressional subcommittee investigating the issue asked seven baby food manufacturers in the country to send internal documents and results.

Out of the four who have sent in their results, they showed the presence of lead, arsenic, and cadmium in their paperwork, at levels that were even higher compared to ones set for other products.

If the levels of toxic metals in the tested food were to be compared to the levels in bottled water allowed by the FDA, the report alleges that the results were up to 91 times for arsenic, up to 69 times for cadmium, and up to 177 times for lead.

All the companies who responded also reported that they either follow the government standards, or have developed their internal standards of quality and t-testing, or both.

Several reported they are members of the Baby Food Council, which is a group formed to make sure that heavy metals are greatly lessened in baby foods.

Congressional representative Krishnamoorthi thinks that voluntary entry efforts are not enough, as he plans to introduce legislation to step up FDA oversight.

He wants the agency to step into the breach and make sure that the food babies eat is safe.

For parents who are suddenly worried if they should do something with the baby food currently in stock at their homes, experts say that the key is moderation and that there’s no need to panic.

There is more work to be done, but as the FDA puts it, they are currently working on a solution.

Editor’s Note on Baby Food Reported To Be Highly Toxic:

This article is created to generate awareness of the high level of toxic metals found in baby foods.

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