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Is Nestle Safe - 63% of Nestle Products Are Unhealthy

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Is Nestle Safe – 63% of Nestle Products Are Unhealthy…

Internal Report Says Nestle Reveals 63% of Products Are Rated as “Unhealthy”

According to the Financial Times, company representatives recently revealed in an internal presentation that only 37% of Nestle’s food and beverage products might be classified healthy under Australia’s rating system.

Additionally, as per the Times, the report to Nestle’s top executives showed that the great majority of the company’s beverages (96%) and 70% of its food products failed to meet Australia’s standards for healthy food. Moreover, only 1% of Nestle’s popular ice cream products met the healthy range, as the report claims.

The Most Unhealthy Products from Nestle

As per Consumer Affairs’ report, the presentation also revealed some of Nestle’s worst health offenders that consumers buy, including:

  • The strawberry-flavored Nesquik milk powder, a baby product, yet each serving contains a whopping 14 grams of sugar
  • DiGiorno’s three meat croissant crust pizza, containing 40% of a person’s daily sodium intake recommendation
  • San Pellegrino orange-flavored drink with 7.1 grams of sugar
  • Hot Pockets pepperoni pizza, containing almost half of the recommended daily sodium intake

Nestle has also been hit with several class action lawsuits from consumers alleging that the company made false representations concerning the existence of GMOs in various foods, preservatives in Lean Cusine, and transfats in Coffee-Mate.

Nestle’s Unhealthy Products Answer Deep Human Needs

Nestle and other food manufacturers have been under criticism by consumers and regulators to manufacture healthier products. Nevertheless, Nestle’s recent statements indicate that the company would not significantly modify its products.

In September 2020, Nestle’s CEO told Bloomberg that confectionery and chocolate answer a deep human need and are here to stay.

Products heavy in sugar, salt, fat, and calories seemed to be meeting Nestle’s and other food manufacturers’ profit needs in addition to that “deep human need.”

Nestle claims it is not using Australia’s health rating system to improve its products, stating in an internal presentation that the evaluation did not cover the company’s pet food, infant nutrition, or specialized health products.

As per reports, the company admits it “underperforms” when it comes to “external definitions of health.” However, consumers’ and regulators’ expectations for healthier products are reportedly “skyrocketing,” according to a spokesperson.

The spokesperson said in verbatim: “We believe that a healthy diet means finding a balance between well-being and enjoyment. 

This includes having some space for indulgent foods, consumed in moderation. Our direction of travel has not changed and is clear: we will continue to make our portfolio tastier and healthier.”

Editor’s Note on Is Nestle Safe – 63% of Nestle Products Are Unhealthy:

This article is published to inform you of the latest news about Nestle’s products being unhealthy. Allegedly, company representatives revealed in an internal presentation that only 37% of Nestle’s food and beverage products could be classified healthy under Australia’s rating system.

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