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Injured U.S. Veterans From IED Attacks & Their Families Can Sue Select Top Banks For Funding The Terrorists

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Injured U.S. Veterans From IED Attacks & Their Families Can Sue Select Top Banks For Funding The Terrorists…

Special Coverage For IED Attacks: Injured U.S. Veterans And The Family Of Deceased Personnel Can File Cases And Receive Compensation Thanks To Federal Law 

Federal law may allow you to sue for your best interests or a loved one who served in the United States (U.S.) military and has been injured while rendering duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. 

The Reality Of Working As A U.S. Military Personnel 

The American public has been all too familiar with the terrors of war and the risks brave American soldiers face whenever they are deployed on duty. 

The U.S. government has been sending its troops to select countries and territories in a bid to protect the country’s own interests as well as its allies. One of the most well-known is the U.S. military’s move to sending soldiers to war-torn and terrorist-infested countries of Afghanistan and Iraq. 

Many would say that going there poses high safety risks, yet the brave military personnel of America still fulfill their mandate of rendering their service in the name of the U.S. 

Injuries and death are common, and many who are left with dealing with the consequences of war sometimes have a hard time grappling with their new situations. 

However, a fairly recent federal law can allow veterans and their families to sue entities that may have contributed to the injuries or death of military personnel while in Afghanistan or Iraq. To be specific, those people who got injured via an IED or improvised explosive device attack can receive possible compensation. 

Federal Law Permits Cases To Be Filed By Victims Of IED Attacks While On Active Duty 

The Capitol-sponsored U.S. Anti-Terrorism Act passed a few years ago, allowing injured veterans or the bereaved loved ones of deceased military personnel that got involved in an IED attack while serving in Afghanistan and Iraq to pursue cases and receive monetary compensation. 

The law seeks to hold accountability from different banking and financial institutions that ended up defying the U.S.’s sanctions against terrorist countries like Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Banks like Europe’s French BNP Paribas and German Commerzbank, along with the American bank HSBC Bank, provided a steady cash flow to terrorist groups in the said countries in the name of profit. 

The money was used by terrorists to fund their movements and operations, which included the ability to purchase weaponry or materials to make weapons like IEDs. 

In fact, a U.S. court determined that the said banks were liable for supporting terrorists via financial means. This opens up the possibility for injured veterans and the families of deceased individuals who got involved in an IED attack to pursue legal action and possibly receive just compensation. 

Details To Take Note Of

Are you looking to file a case for yourself if you got injured while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan or for a deceased loved one? Consider The Consumer has listed below the following information you will need to know before proceeding with the case’s filing:

  • The complainant must be a U.S. national;
  • The IED attack or any other related attacks must be directly attributable to an international act of terrorism; 
  • The defendant in the case should be directly linked or have caused the injuries or death, or have aided the perpetrators of the said terror attack that have caused the death or injury;
  • There are a number of injuries ranging from limb amputations, different mental and physical injuries from an IED attack, and the like that can possibly be considered for monetary compensation.

It is highly advised that you check out with an experienced attorney near you to find out your possible options. 

As of writing, there were already around 200 injured veterans or the surviving family members of deceased military personnel that are able to receive monetary compensation from erring banks like HSBC, Commerzbank, Barclays, and others. 

Editor’s Note on Injured U.S. Veterans From IED Attacks & Their Families Can Sue Select Top Banks For Funding The Terrorists: 

This feature aims to detail a possible legal avenue many individuals can take concerning IED attacks and the injuries and deaths they may have caused to veterans. You might also want to read the new Anti-abortion law from the Texas Government.

Allegation(s): Top banks have contributed to the attacks that have caused injuries and deaths to military personnel deployed in Afghanistan and Iran. 

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