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Indiana Equifax Data Breach Settlement + Ginkgo Biloba Settlement rebate

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Indiana Equifax Data Breach Settlement + Ginkgo Biloba Settlement Ready For Rebates – Claim Now!

Check Your Mailbox Now If You Have Filed For A Class Action Settlement Claim Recently

Claimants in a handful of class action lawsuit settlements have already started getting their compensation checks over the mail. 

Several reports have shown that class members have already started receiving their checks after the settlement administrators have acknowledged and processed their filed claims. 

First up who received their compensation were class members in the Indiana Equifax Data Breach Class Action Lawsuit. 

The class action lawsuit stemmed from a data breach incident in 2017 that ended up compromising 150 million Americans’ sensitive private information. 

Pieces of information such as birth dates, driver’s license information, Social Security numbers, etc., were allegedly accessed and stolen by hackers. 

Claimants could start receiving checks of more than $70 over the mail for their participation in the class action. 

On the other hand, Class members of the Instaflex Joint Supplement have also started to receive their compensations from the settlement that has ensued. 

The class action, which was filed more than seven years ago, accused the maker of Instaflex Joint Supplement of falsely marketing the benefits of the product’s glucosamine sulfate ingredient. 

The amounts received vary per consumer, but some have reported receiving a little shy over $8 checks over snail mail. 

It is worth noting that this is the second tranche of distribution of funds in the Instaflex Joint Supplement Class Action Lawsuit after money from the settlement fund remained uncashed after the first wave of claims. 

Another class action settlement that has also started to distribute payment checks to class members is the Nature’s Way Ginkgo Biloba Class Action Lawsuit. 

Complainants have accused Schwabe North America Inc. of falsely advertising their Ginkgo Biloba products, claiming that it improves user memory and concentration. 

The maximum amount of checks being distributed amounted to a little over $13, and claimants have already successfully received theirs in the mail. 

Meanwhile, one claimant from the Grove Square Coffee Class Action Lawsuit reportedly received more than $80-worth of settlement check after the settlement administrator has acknowledged their claim. 

Other claimants have also reported that they have started seeing checks come into their mail these past few days. 

The Grove Square Coffee Class Action Lawsuit revolves around the allegations that Grove Square Coffee has violated consumer protection laws by misleading customers into thinking that their coffee products contained premium ingredients although they actually contained cheaper, instant coffee products. 

We here at Consider The Consumer congratulate all of the successful claimants in the aforementioned class action settlements. If you believe that you had a valid claim and are yet to receive your well-deserved compensation, reach out to us via our ‘Contact Us’ button below. 

Editor’s Note on Indiana Equifax Data Breach Settlement + Ginkgo Biloba Settlement: 

This news update aims to inform you of the latest developments in a number of class action settlements wherein they have already started handing down compensation checks to eligible claimants. 

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