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Hyundai to Produce Superbowl Ad During Superbowl

And here you have it, folks. The best team in the NFC is set to take on the AFC’s best. Stakes are high for the two sides, their fans, and even the gamblers weighing in. Some may find that even more importantly, however, the Superbowl is a great outlet for companies to launch their newest campaigns, as the world tunes in. While every company lucky enough to get a spot during the game is scrambling to get their perfect ad together, Hyundai has decided not to film its ad ahead of time, and will instead wait to roll cameras while the game is happening.

The car maker is calling its 90-second ad a “documentary,” and will air it immediately after the game, but before the trophy ceremony, AdAge reports.

Hyundai is staying tight-lipped on the details of what exactly will be happening in the ad, but says in a statement that it will “some of the best off-the-field Super Bowl moments.”

Director Peter Berg  — who previously helmed Friday Night Lights, Patriots Day and, of course, Battleship — will “shoot, edit and produce the 90-second documentary in real time,” Hyundai said.

“Super Bowl is the biggest day in advertising and following our incredibly successful 2016, we wanted to push the creativity and storytelling even further,” said Dean Evans, chief marketing officer for Hyundai Motor America.

This isn’t the first time an advertiser has used same-day Super Bowl footage, AdAge points out: in 1994, Rebook ran a Super Bowl ad that spliced in footage from the game underway. In this case, however, Hyundai claims the entire ad will be created while the game is in progress.

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