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Heat Pump Dryers and the Defects We Don’t Expect: Are You Affected?

Hybrid Heat Pump Dryer Defects

Within the last few years, an exciting and new phenomenon has hit the home-laundry scene; The Hybrid Heat Pump Dryer! Its ingenious design offers technology that enables us to use 50% less energy than other dryers, while still drying efficiently and being much gentler on your clothes. As we become more and more energy conscious, consumers worldwide have been opting for these new machines.

How Do They Work? What is the Cost?

Usually, a dryer will circulate your wet laundry while simultaneously heating air in a confined space. This forces any moisture in your clothes to evaporate. As this occurs, the water must be expelled as steam, which is released through a vent installed on the outer wall of the house. With Hybrid Heat Pump technology, however, this moisture is collected and drained without expelling the hot air at all. Instead, the air is recycled and reheated. Reheating hot air uses far less energy than heating air at room temperature.

This gives its users advantages of reducing their electricity usage by almost 60%, drying their clothes at a lower temperature (which reduces shrinkage), and a much easier installation process due to its vent-less make up.

Because of the technology put into these machines, your standard Heat Pump dryer will set you back about $1400 up front, but will save you nearly $0.30 per load on the back end. This works out to saving consumers around $100 per year based upon their energy costs.

Hybrid Heat Pump Dryer Defects

Though all of these perks sound great when purchasing your new dryer, folks quickly realized that these new Heat Pump Dryers aren’t all they were cracked up to be as the complaint board began to….. Heat up!

Over the last 2 years, consumers have come forward and revealed that their dryers are getting way too hot. In any dryer, this is a very dangerous problem that should be looked after immediately. Many times, an overheated dryer can be traced back to a clogged vent, or a faulty heating coil, which are both easily fixable—in regular dryers.

Due to the nature of the Heat Pump Dryer, though, and the fact that it’s constantly recycling this hot air, if the dryer continues to overheat, and reaches the point of a dangerous temperature, fire hazards become extremely prevalent as there’s simply no way for these dryers to cool off once they get to this point.

Have You Had Issues With Your Dryer?

If you have purchased a faulty dryer in the last two years, you may be eligible to join a potential class action lawsuit.

If your dryer is giving you problems, we urge you to reach out to Sheehan & Associates, as they are on the case! To reach Sheehan & Associates, P.C., you can call them at (516) 303-0552, or you may email Mr. Sheehan directly at

Editor’s note on The Hybrid Heat Pump Dryer Defect Investigation:

This piece is written about a recent investigation on behalf of Hybrid Heat Pump Dryers. For more information, or to tell us your story, please shoot us an email to, find us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even connect with us directly on our website! We look forward to hearing from all of you.  Please note that this investigation piece has been sponsored by Sheehan and Associates and Consider The Consumer has received compensation for such sponsorship.

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