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Government To File Lawsuit Against Google for Anti Competitive Abuses in Search Consider the Consumer

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Government To File Lawsuit Against Google for Anti Competitive Abuses in Search

The Google Anti-Competitive Search Lawsuit

Last Tuesday, the Trump administration announced that it will file a case against Google. According to reports, this is the largest antitrust case against a tech company in more than twenty years.

The complaint expects that the Justice Department will make accusations that Google (GOOG) has monopolized competition to keep its powerful position in the marketplace for online search, said two people familiar with the matter.

Aside from the US government’s complaint, the 11 states namely Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina, and Texas will also join the lawsuit.

As of this time, Google didn’t disclose any comments regarding the matter.

This federal complaint is related to a year-long antitrust probe by DOJ investigators. This probe discovered that Google and other tech giants hold “monopoly power” and have utilized their dominance in anticompetitive ways. Furthermore, the report asserts that Amazon has abused third-party sellers; that Apple’s app store fees and policies are anti-competitive; and that Facebook has attempted to defeat future rivals through targeted purchases.

More About the Looming Google Lawsuit

This expected lawsuit from the Justice Department against Google will be the most significant step made by the US government to hold Silicon Valley accountable after the news that the major social media platforms were used by foreign election interfering attempts in 2016. After that, the top executives of major tech platforms continuously questioned by Congress about their responsibilities toward political speech; hateful content and misinformation; small businesses and local journalism; and competition.

Reports revealed that this case may result in an unprecedented risk of Google’s wider advertising business. Apparently, this advertising business has yielded $134.8 billion in revenue last year, which is 84% of Google’s total business.

Even though the Justice Department focuses on Google for these antitrust concerns, some tech companies could face lawsuits of the same magnitude.

As of this time, officials at the Federal Trade Commission are currently conducting an investigation on Facebook for over a year, and that investigation could result in its landmark litigation.

“The most important tech industry monopolization case before this one was the United States v. Microsoft in 1998,” said William Kovacic, former chairman of the Federal Trade Commission. 

In that former case, the government argued that Microsoft violated the law by bundling its browser, Internet Explorer, with every copy of Windows — to the disadvantage of competition among browser makers. After years of litigation, the US government and Microsoft resolved the lawsuit through a settlement that required new limits on Microsoft’s software business.

“None of this will be easy,” Kovacic said. “You can climb to the summit, but it’s a tough climb.”

Meanwhile, Attorney General William Barr took a personal interest in the investigation and the resulting lawsuit, the New York Times revealed.

The probe will be handled by Barr’s assigned senior staffers. The case will also be supported by President Donald Trump, who openly expressed his criticisms of tech platforms.

“We should be suing Google and Facebook and all that, which perhaps we will, okay?” Trump said in a statement.

“Google search is not a neutral gateway to the information available on the web,” said David Dinielli, a senior advisor at Omidyar Network and a former DOJ antitrust official. “Google search is a set of algorithms designed to make Google — or Alphabet, its parent company — the most money it can possibly make.”

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