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Google’s Student Loan Debt Program Consider The Consumer

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Google Eases Student Loan Debts With Release of New Program

Google’s Student Loan Debt Program

Recently, Google has announced to help student loan holders by launching a student loan repayment for all Google employees in the United States.

By 2021, Google will match up to $2,500 in student loan payments per Googler per year.

This initiative eases the gigantic loan deficit of $1.5 trillion for Americans.

Save Money for Life Essentials

Truly, Google can’t completely pay off a student loan. However, $2500 a year will help people resolve their credit issues much quicker. Thus, giving the consumer a better chance of purchasing life essentials such as a home or investment.

“Lack of financial resources should not prevent someone from accessing the opportunities that come with education,” John Casey, the Director of Global Benefit at Global said.

“Change starts at home. We’re hoping this student loan repayment program gives our workforce some relief from student loans and helps them build more financial stability over the long term. And we’ll keep looking for more ways to increase access to education and opportunity for everyone.”

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