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Google Pulls Three Apps from Play Store Due to Privacy Violations Google App Privacy Violations Consider The Consumer

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Google Pulls Three Apps from Play Store Due to Privacy Violations

Google App Privacy Violations 

Recently, Google has removed three popular apps from the Play Store after discovering that the apps didn’t follow the policies regarding the collection of children’s data. 

The apps included in this report were Princess Salon, Number Coloring, and Cats & Cosplay. According to reports, the apps have more than 20 million downloads before being removed. 

According to the International Digital Accountability Council (IDAC), the apps violated “broader Google Play policies around data collection.” After finding out about the issue, the watchdog group informed Google of its findings. Then, Google instantly removed the apps. 

“The practices we observed in our research raised serious concerns about data practices within these apps,” said IDAC president Quentin Palfrey. “We applaud Google for taking steps to enforce on these apps and the third-party data practices within these apps.”

“Google took corrective action in response, after its own investigation,” the Council added.

“These apps broke rules barring the uses of developer kits that aren’t approved for ‘child-directed services,’” Google stated.

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