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Google's Engineers Claimed To Be Confused About Privacy Settings Consider The Consumer

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Google’s Engineers Claimed To Be Confused About Privacy Settings

Even Google engineers were confused about its own privacy settings, court documents reveal

Google’s own engineers are confused about how the company’s privacy settings work, as internal correspondence showed as they were unsealed and been made available to the public in an ongoing consumer fraud lawsuit filed against the company. 

According to a report by Jerod MacDonald-Evoy of the Arizona Mirror, several Google employees shared their thoughts through the company’s internal communication mechanism about the tech giant’s allegedly ‘misleading’ location history and web app activity disclosure policies. 

These pieces of new information were able to shed more light on the case filed by State of Arizona’s Attorney General Mark Brnovich as it awaits trial. 

They were requested not to be included, at first, in the public release of the case’s details by Google in order to protect the company’s proprietary information from industry competitors like Oracle.

Overall, there are 270 redacted files in the case, yet only 33 of them are made available to the public as of writing, according to the same Arizona Mirror report. 

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