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Google Hit With Antitrust Lawsuit Over Play Store Platform

Learn All About The Google Antitrust Lawsuit

Google LLC, was a named defendant in a lawsuit filed in August of this year which seeks to make the company accountable for its misdeeds that harmed mobile application developers, and mobile phone consumers. 

The antitrust class action lawsuit filed against Google LLC, along with Google Ireland Limited, Google Commerce Limited, Google Asia Pacific PTE Limited, and Google Payment Corp., alleges that the company has violated existing federal antitrust laws in numerous different ways. 

It has been stated that Google has established “contractual and technological barriers” which prevented users of its Android mobile operating system to download mobile applications anywhere else other than through the use of Google’s Play Store.

The Play Store is Google’s official app store where users can download different applications from different companies and developers. It comes pre-installed on devices that are running on Google’s Android mobile operating system platform. 

This caused harm to current and potential application makers and developers in many ways. One way is that the company prevented them to seek other ways that they can use in order to publish the application they have developed other than the Play Store which the Android mobile operating system utilizes. 

In regards to consumers, the steps in being able to download an application other than through the Google Play Store is rather tedious and complicated. Also, by doing so they are missing out on key features that are automatically available to mobile apps downloaded through Google’s official Android mobile operating system app store platform. 

With that being said, both mobile app developers and consumers are then left with no other option but to opt to use Google’s services. 

The case is filed in the United States (US) District Court Northern District of California, San Jose Division. 

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