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Some Good News on Coronavirus; Authorization Granted for Testing!

In the wake of all the madness regarding Coronavirus, we at Consider The Consumer plan to bring you some good news on Coronavirus, as we try and see the light in this not-so-great situation.

Last Friday, we woke up to to our first bout of good news surrounding coronavirus testing news in quite some time. In short, The Food and Drug Administration announced an emergency authorization of a Roche Holding AG test that can screen patients substantially faster than existing options. The Washington Post reports that this is good news for Roche — the approval sent shares some 7% higher after a mostly down week — as well as for America’s COVID-19 response. Once these tests are up and running, they should begin to help the U.S. catch up on a dangerous backlog and give more people the information and care they need.

Unfortunately, the country’s inability to test enough people for weeks has contributed to an outbreak that is likely to grow substantially in the weeks to come and won’t be contained any time soon. We don’t just need more lab tests; other important tools we don’t have now — including so-called serologic tests and on-site diagnostics — could play a vital role in helping to better gauge the size of the outbreak and control its spread.

WaPo also reports that “Serologic diagnostics allow extensive testing of samples from people who aren’t confirmed COVID-19 cases. If people have been exposed and have developed antibodies against the virus, such tests will let public health officials know.  This is incredibly valuable information in the fight against a disease that is mild or asymptomatic in many people. In addition to giving a better sense of how many cases we’re missing and COVID-19’s true fatality rate, it could also identify areas where it is spreading more quietly and help direct needed response. Centers for Disease Control director Robert Redfield recently told a Congressional committee that his agency has two tests of this type in development. Their speedy deployment is especially crucial in the U.S., where there simply isn’t reliable information on where the disease is and how many people have it.”

So, we do have some good news going forward in our fight against this virus. As this story, and other stories regarding good news surrounding COVID-19, unfold, we will be sure to keep you in the loop!

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