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Frances Haugen Vs. Facebook - Whistleblower Exposes FB's Unmoral Profit Plan Over Users' Safety

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Frances Haugen Vs. Facebook – Whistleblower Exposes FB’s Unmoral Profit Plan Via Misinformation Over Users’ Safety…

Former Facebook Employee Frances Haugen Claims FB Prioritizes Income Over Issues Of Misinformation And Hate Speech On Its Platforms 

An ex-worker from Facebook, Frances Haugen, has come out to expose the social media company’s alleged policy on allowing hate speech and misinformation to proliferate the company’s different social media platforms. 

Ex-Data Scientist Exposes Facebook 

Data scientist Frances Haugen appeared on a television show in early October to reportedly put the company on blast regarding its purposive inability to control the tide of fake news plaguing its networking site. 

Haugen allegedly kept a low profile while discreetly sharing insider information and internal documents with several members of the journalism community and law enforcement agents. 

She added that she lodged a number of complaints against Facebook with the Securities and Exchange Commission due to the alleged conflict of interest the company has over the issue of mitigating the crisis of fake news amongst Facebook’s social media users. 

Time and time again, the company allegedly put profit first before anything else due to the large number of profit margins it reportedly makes with regards to just allowing misinformation to spread like wildfire on the media networks handled by Facebook. 

Meanwhile, Facebook has denied the allegations raised against it and touted how it is working its best to curb the spread of misinformation and other forms of sensitive content on its social media platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, and FB itself.

In relation to the explosive expose, Haugen is set to meet legislators to talk about Facebook’s alleged misdeeds. Members of the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety, and Data Security will interview her about her former company’s workings and how its actions allegedly hurt the best interests of the American consumer. 

Editor’s Note on Frances Haugen Vs. Facebook: 

This feature aims to provide you with details about the issue of misinformation on Facebook and its platforms and how top officials from the company set aside the moral thing to do and focus on making profits instead. We also recommend you read the news regarding Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp downtime

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