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FedEx Will Move to Daily Delivery in 2020, Are You Ready?

Meeting consumer requests for service 7-days a week, FedEx has announced it will begin delivering on this schedule beginning in January of 2020. The news comes as the company tries to keep up with consumer desires to continue shopping mainly online. The company hopes to increase the efficiency of its own network.

The Memphis-based company announced the move last Thursday.

Last September FedEx moved to its current expanded delivery schedule for most of the year. The company has run some 7-day schedules around the December holidays.

FedEx officials say the year-round service will operate in urban and suburban areas and will account for the majority of the continental United States.

President and Chief Operating Officer Raj Subramaniam says, “Consumers want packages over the weekend. As soon as we went to 6-day[s], we started hearing about 7-day [deliveries].”

FedEx also sees the daily delivery schedule as a benefit that will allow them to meet the expectations of delivering small parcels which are projected to to double by 2026. That could strain other delivery networks. FedEx plans to cash in.

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