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Facebook will Pay Users to Deactivate their Accounts Leading Up to 2020 Election

Facebook Will Choose Users to Try to Accurately Mirror Voter Base

Facebook is keen on preventing the same problems it experienced during the 2016 election from happening again.

Political ads will stop running a week before the November 3 election. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also published a manifesto ensuring the platform will keep its nose clean. The company is also looking into paying users to log off before the election.

Around 200,000 to 400,000 users are being recruited to take part in a study gauging social media’s impact on voting, with the selected members being paid up to $120 to deactivate their Facebook (FB) and Instagram (IG) accounts at September’s end. The study will be published sometime in 2021. External researchers will not be paid nor will they answer to Facebook to add to the research’s objectivity.

Facebook stated that “to continue to amplify all that is good for democracy on social media and mitigate against that which is not, we need more objective, dispassionate, empirically grounded research.”

How to Join

Facebook is modeling sample studies to make the survey as scientifically accurate and representative of the U.S. adult population as possible. It stated that “representative, scientific samples of people in the US” will see a notice in either Facebook or Instagram inviting them to participate.

Facebook Spokesperson Liz Bourgeois said in a Tweet that “Anyone who chooses to opt-in – whether it’s completing surveys or deactivating FB or IG for a period of time – will be compensated.”

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