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Expiring Travel Vouchers And Credits Covid

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Expiring Travel Vouchers And Credits Amid The Pandemic – What’s Your Best Option Left?

Bummed out because you could not go on a vacation because of the COVID-19 pandemic? 

Due to stay-at-home orders and travel restrictions imposed by several government agencies and authorities around the world, many people have ended up deciding to shelf their travel plans indefinitely to avoid the risk of getting infected by the virus. 

Many may have planned their trips for months and have done the necessary measures to make it happen – from setting up the hotels to completing an itinerary. 

However, all of their efforts have now gone to waste because of the on-going worldwide health crisis. 

Besides all the effort and time already wasted on their preparations, a good amount of money has been involved in the process in the forms of tickets, reservations, etc. 

Another lingering factor is unused travel vouchers and credits. 

For frequent travelers, many companies give them rewards for their continued patronage. 

This comes in the form of travel vouchers and credits that travelers can avail themselves of every time they use a company’s product or service. 

This helps them save money on their trips and helps companies establish a good relationship with their customer base. 

These travel vouchers and credits do have an expiration, though. If left unused, it will be soon voided by the companies that have granted them. 

With the current on-going health crisis, many travelers are now left with the reality that their unused travel vouchers and credits will ultimately go to waste. 

This leaves the question – how will travelers be able to reimburse their unused travel vouchers and credits? 

Though some airline companies and other travel agencies and establishments have been very generous to their consumers and have promised to extend the date of validity of their travel vouchers and credits, there are still companies that do the exact opposite. 

According to online reports, many companies have made it hard for customers to refund canceled travel tickets by introducing highly complicated steps. 

Some put in hard-to-understand terms and conditions hidden in fine print, while others change the dates of validity covered by the traveler’s voucher and/or credit.

Also, there are reports that some travel agencies and airline companies are less adamant in processing such customer concerns – with others flat-out refusing to process and accommodate already expired travel vouchers and credits. 

Though there are no lawsuits filed against travel agencies and airline companies for their travel vouchers and credits policies towards travelers during COVID-19, we here at Consider The Consumer will continue on covering this matter.

We will give you the latest information and updates as soon as there is a reported development in this concern. 

Editor’s Note on Expiring Travel Vouchers And Credits Amid The Pandemic:

This is a feature for our traveler readers to give them an update on the current situation with expiring travel vouchers and credits unused due to the on-going COVID-19 pandemic. 

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