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Exercise Ideas to Match Your 2019 New Year Mood consider the consumer

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Exercise Ideas to Match Your 2019 New Year Mood

The simple flip of a calendar could hold so much meaning behind it.

The action marks a milestone for a new chapter in our lives and it brings a lot of opportunities for positive change.

That is why a whopping number of people take up New Year resolutions to improve their lives. The improvements could range from a change in eating habits to taking up new hobbies, and from pursuing a new career to maintaining a positive mood throughout the next 12 months of their lives.

This makes sense on a greater scale. After all, who doesn’t want their life story to be full of positive energy?

That is one of the many reasons why New Year resolutions are so popular among people. And when said resolutions relate to an overall improvement in not just your lifestyle but your overall mental well-being, then they become that much more important to follow.

Whether your target mood for 2019 is to bring a positive change to your mental state or an improvement to your overall personality, the following exercises will help you achieve the required goals according to your target for the New Year.

Maintain an Energized Mood with Hot Yoga

If your overall goal for 2019 is to maintain an energized mood, then not many exercises could reach the level of hot yoga for achieving that aim.

Hot yoga is practiced under a temperature controlled room. It typically involves intensive yoga exercises such as power yoga, which are performed under warm temperatures. The addition of warmth and humidity in an already demanding workout lets you sweat out the toxins in your body, leaving you with the feeling of being energized and invigorated throughout the day.

You can practice hot yoga by contacting any popular yoga studio nearby. Most hot yoga exercises only need to be conducted twice a week for you to get the desired effects. Popular hot yoga includes Bikram yoga, hot power yoga, and hot vinyasa flow yoga.

Obtain Serenity Through Yoga

Highly demanding yoga disciplines such as hot yoga and power yoga can ask you to put in a considerable amount of physical effort. But other yoga forms that are focused on concentration, relaxation, and mental calmness could help you maintain the elusive mood of serenity.

These exercises range from calming forms such as restorative yoga to asanas such as different forms of meditation. You can practice them easily by learning about them from a professional coach.

Much like intensive yoga forms, these calming yoga disciplines are also widely taught. Thus, finding a training center for them is an easy task and only requires you to set your mind to it.

Explore an Independent Frame of Thought through Adventure Sports

If your overall target mood for the new year is to maintain a sense of independence, then delving into adventure sports can help you explore those feelings.

By taking part in sports such as swimming, rock climbing, and paragliding, you can obtain a sense of independence and taking matters into your own hands. By doing these activities every now and then, you can think back to them as a constant reminder of your perseverance whenever you are presented with a difficult situation in life.

Finding adventure sports outlets could be as easy or as difficult as your choice of sports. For instance, if you want to try your hand at rock climbing, then delving into it might be as easy as walking into a well-equipped local gym. On the other hand, if you want to take part in skiing, then that would, of course, require more expenses and efforts from your end.

Take the Relaxing Route with Aerobics

Aerobics has been known to reduce stress levels by a significant margin. Thus, if being relaxed is your target mood for the new year, then taking this now-underrated mode of exercise could go a long way.

Apart from helping you maintain a healthy weight, aerobics could also improve your mental state of mind through the release of endorphins.

The dual effects that come from this amalgamation are bound to leave you with a feeling of relaxation if you follow this method of exercise on a consistent basis. Signing up with an aerobics class is as easy as going to any local gym that offers it under professional trainers.

Feel Calmer by Taking Up Boxing

If your target mood is to remain calm and without the hint of toxic anger building up in your mind and body, then diverting that negative energy out through boxing and turning it into a positive force would be the way to go.

Due to the physical activity of taking out your frustration and the mental effects associated with it, boxing can help you overcome anger issues and leave you feeling calmer through your day to day life.

Boxing was once perceived as a sport only for the professional athletes, but time has changed that perspective for the better. Many boxing training rings are now available through various locations, with instructors being able to develop personal training plans for you according to your physical, mental and lifestyle goals.

Other Exercises are Also Available According to Your Mood Goals

While the aforementioned exercises are either trending these days or have been medically proven for their benefits, other exercises are also available to match your mood for the year.

For instance, for immediate exhilaration and feeling of accomplishment, take up biking. Whereas, you can take up various forms of dancing to boost the feeling of confidence.

The key is to search your inner self and see what kind of mood would help your personal growth the most. Then select exercises that match your personal goals in the new year for an overall healthy lifestyle.

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