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COVID-19 Vaccine And Stimulus Checks Scams

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Different COVID-19 Vaccine And Stimulus Checks Scams That You Should Look Out For

We are now officially two years in the on-going Coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19) global pandemic.

As we all thread through these unprecedented and extraordinary trying times, many malicious people have ended up taking advantage of the situation in order to make a quick buck off of people’s anxiety and oblivion about the current on-going global public health crisis. 

As reputable reports online have shown, more and more people have reported cases of different scams that occurred and are currently taking place as we speak.

Most of them are just a spin-off or a different take of other scams that have been going on for a long time in the past, however, scammers are always two steps ahead of their game.

They end up taking notes of the current situation to tweak a thing or two on their modus operandi in order to successfully prey on and make money from unknowing individuals. 

We here at Consider The Consumer are committed to shedding light on these malicious practices in order for you, our dear readers, to be in the know of the latest scams proliferating in the country right now.

An educated consumer can fight off scams that aim to take advantage of their rights. 

One of the most prevalent scams going on right now concerns the country’s vaccination program.

As the United States gears up its nationwide COVID-19 vaccination drive, many people are still in a state of confusion of how and where they can get the vaccine and the steps that they need to take to be administered their dose. 

This situation is seen by scammers as an opportunity for them to strike.

Some of them pose as healthcare providers and personnel that instruct people and promise them a vaccine shot.

Reports from Seattle share that some scammers there have pretended to be local and federal health officials in order to gather sensitive personal information from unknowing citizens.

It is reported that some information that they ask include social security numbers, driver’s license numerical numbers, and sensitive medical histories and dossiers. 

Other scams that were reported but are separate from the aforementioned incident in Seattle include consumers being tricked that they need to pay to get the vaccine shot. 

Authorities have warned consumers to stay vigilant during these times.

They stress that no federal or local government health worker would ask you sensitive personal information before being allowed the shot.

Also, they warn that people do not need to pay for a vaccine appointment or pay for the vaccine itself whenever they are in line for a COVID-19 shot.

Private clinics that are permitted by the government to give the COVID-19 vaccine may ask for a fee but authorities encourage citizens to get in touch first with their local officials in order to clarify the guidelines in place in their specific locality. 

On the other hand, reports have also been recorded concerning different stimulus check scams.

After the administrative leadership of current White House leader President Joe Biden has announced the successful package of another additional round of monetary relief for Americans, many people have been on the lookout for when they are going to receive their promised stimulus checks. 

Scams that were reported include scammers posing as representatives from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) asking for personal details and other sensitive information through email, calls, or text messages.

Reports are also pouring in regarding scams asking people to pay up a fee first before they receive their stimulus benefits. 

Again, authorities have warned Americans to steer away from these scams.

They have affirmed that the IRS will not call or send a text message to anybody regarding the status of their stimulus checks.

Another red flag officials have noted is that when these purported authorities ask for personal information or even payment in order to process stimulus checks.

If they do any of the following, authorities remark that it is for sure a scam that is out to take advantage of you. 

Heard of any scams that are related to this feature? Let us take a look at them by sending them over to our official communication channels below. 

Editor’s Note on Different COVID-19 Vaccine And Stimulus Checks Scams That You Should Look Out For:  

This news feature aims to inform you of the latest scams being purported by malevolent entities regarding COVID-19 vaccine shots and federal stimulus checks.

It was reported that there were scams all around the country revolving around the aforementioned which aims to take advantage of oblivious American citizens during these trying times.  

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