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The Department of Veteran Affairs Data Breach; Are You Affected?

Department Of Veteran Affairs Data Breach

Last September 14, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced that a data breach exposed the personal information of about 46,000 veterans.  They also said that hackers managed to get unauthorized access to their systems. These hackers aimed to steal payments that were supposed to go to health care providers who treated the veterans. Furthermore, the data breach also leaked the social security number of some veterans. Do you think you’re affected by the Department of Veteran Affairs Data Breach? Contact us today.

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“The Financial Services Center (FSC) determined one of its online applications was accessed by unauthorized users to divert payments to community health care providers for the­ medical treatment of Veterans,” the Department revealed. “The FSC took the application offline and reported the breach to the VA’s Privacy Office.” 

Ongoing Investigation

According to the VA, the hackers managed to breach the system by “using social engineering techniques and exploiting authentication protocols.” Thus, the agency announced that it will launch a security review.

“To prevent any future improper access to and modification of information, system access will not be re-enabled until a comprehensive security review is completed by the VA Office of Information Technology,” the agency stated.

Furthermore, the VA confirmed that they will inform the veterans whose information was exposed in the breach. For deceased veterans, the next of kin will be notified.

“The department is also offering access to credit monitoring services, at no cost, to those whose social security numbers may have been compromised,” the VA added. “Veterans whose information was involved are advised to follow the instructions in the letter to protect their data. There is no action needed from Veterans if they did not receive an alert by mail, as their personal information was not involved in the incident.” 

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