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Delta-8 THC Warning From FDA & CDC - Getting "High" From Normal Consumable Items

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Delta-8 THC Warning From FDA & CDC – Getting “High” From Normal Consumable Items?

Authorities Warn General Public On Dangers Of Delta-8 THC, Add That Some Products May Contain The Substance And Harm Unknowing Consumers 

Different regulatory bodies have released a recent report warning Americans of the possible harms caused by the chemical cannabinoid delta-8 THC to a person’s health. 

FDA And CDC Officials Team Up To Release Warning Against Delta-8 THC 

According to several online reports, officials from the Food and Drug Administration or FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC have laid out the alleged dangers of the abovementioned chemical. 

Authorities detail that cannabinoid delta-8 THC can also be called diet weed and weed light. They also say that they were able to identify some items sold in the market that contain the said substance marketed as CBD (cannabidiol) or hemp. This may unintentionally mislead consumers into thinking that they are buying a non-psychoactive product, although the truth is the exact opposite. 

The FDA and CDC have stated that most products that are marketed and labeled as CBD or hemp may have ingredients that may turn into delta-8 THC upon the introduction of heat, solvent, or acid. 

Hence, some may not knowingly feel ‘high’ mostly associated with delta-9 THC – the chemical strain involved in smoking cannabis. The delta-8 THC is also a psychoactive strain like the delta-9 THC. 

Additional Information Regarding The Matter 

From a legal perspective, government personnel shared that some products that contain delta-8 THC may have already been for sale in different states and areas in the country where cannabis consumption is restricted by the law. 

Since late 2020, the authorities have recorded cases of consumers who have suffered from the ill effects of unknowingly consuming delta-8 THC-laced items, with some needing to be sent to the hospital for medical treatment. Patients young and old were all hit by the chemical’s adverse effects on the body. 

As of writing, FDA officials are yet to provide their say regarding the safeness of using delta-8 THC on certain offerings. They further warned consumers to be highly cautious and vigilant of the products they are buying in the market, for some of them may contain the flagged chemical. Items that were cited range from pastry products like brownies to treats like gummies

Echoing the authorities’ warning about products that may contain delta-8 THC in them, Consider The Consumer is asking buyers to be extra careful in making their purchases. It is highly recommended to seek medical help immediately as soon as you experience any symptoms related to the “high” feeling brought upon by (intentional or unintentional) consumption of an item laced by the Delta-8 THC chemical.

Editor’s Note on Delta-8 THC Warning From FDA & CDC: 

This report provides you the latest announcement released by the government warning people to be extra cautious with products that may have delta-8 THC in them. 

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