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COVID-19 Vaccination Status 2021 – Government Vs The People…

As The U.S. Gears Up Its Vaccination Efforts, More People Unwilling To Participate 

Public health experts and government authorities agree that a huge part of the United States’ efforts in eradicating COVID-19 (Coronavirus disease-2019) is by ramping up its national vaccination efforts. 

As of writing, publicly available data show that the country has fully vaccinated 32.1 million Americans with more than 93.7 million vaccine doses administered.

To reach a sweet spot of what experts call herd immunity, the U.S. needs to inoculate more than two-thirds of its population. 

With the current numbers of only almost 10% officially vaccinated, we are a long way from achieving such a feat. 

However, a huge hurdle to the country’s nationwide vaccination efforts is the public’s perception of the vaccine.

According to a study by the Pew Research Center, 40 percent of the respondents have mixed views of the COVID-19 vaccines. 

They were either hesitant by it to outright declare that they would not want to be vaccinated by any of the COVID-19 vaccines available by the market. 

With this in mind, the country will have a hard time reaching herd immunity as between 75 to 80 percent of the whole population should be vaccinated.

Freedom of choice is cited as one of the key factors of why many Americans decide to opt themselves out of the nation’s vaccination efforts. 

However, authorities have reminded the general public that some industries such as the hotel and travel industries, schools, and medical and allied health workers might be required to get the COVID jab before they are allowed to do work or to conduct travel. 

Fearing legal consequences, many companies have not outright required their employees to get vaccinated before being allowed to return to work. 

Nevertheless, to amp up their own efforts to stem the spread of the virus, they are incentivizing employees to get vaccinated through paid-off times and other benefits, making it easy to obtain the vaccine for themselves. 

Because of the extraordinary challenges brought about by the ongoing global pandemic, many state legislatures all around the country are attempting to pass different legislations aimed at protecting the individual rights of an individual and how they should be upheld in the country’s ongoing vaccination drive. 

Indiana, Wisconsin, and Maryland are only a few states that have both Republican and Democratic legislators backing and sponsoring a series of laws aimed at protecting people’s rights in having a choice of whether or not they choose to get vaccinated. 

Editor’s Note on COVID-19 Vaccination Status 2021:

This feature article aims to show the latest news of the ongoing national COVID-19 vaccination efforts and how most of the populace are perceiving it. 

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