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Public Water System Poses Threats to Millions of Americans

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Contaminated Water Systems In The US Affects Millions – Hispanics Are More Vulnerable…

Public Water System Poses Threats to Millions of Americans

An investigation on America’s Water Systems shows that millions of citizens’ health, especially Latinos, are in danger due to contaminated water.

American citizens are at risk of consuming water that does not meet health standards. 

According to the Guardian’s recent investigation of the U.S. public water systems, multiple violations of federal laws and standards were breached. 

One hundred forty thousand public water systems were involved in the Guardian’s investigation. 

The results show that Latinos are more exposed to contaminated water. 

Studies reveal that areas with at least 25 percent of Latinos have more standards violated than the rest of the United States. 

The Guardian Investigation Results

The Guardian has analyzed five-years worth of water-related violations data reported from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 6 months.

According to the results, around 25 million American citizens are affected by the polluted water from public water systems. From this data, 5.8 million are Hispanic citizens.

The study has also revealed that the following states contain the most number of violations – Texas, California, and Oklahoma. 

Texas is most at risk after being hit by a storm which caused the loss of power and water.

The data analyzed by the Guardian also conveyed the following results: 

  • Multiple violations were reported yearly. However, the government did not take any action to resolve the issues. Also, affected consumers were not notified of the risks to their health.
  • There are higher violations in water systems of rural areas than in metropolitan areas.

Hispanic Communities

The study also shows that individuals living near California and the West’s industrial farms are at greater risk. 

The local water in those areas contains nitrate from manure and fertilizers used in the farms. 

The demographic shows that small communities in that area are mostly comprised of Latinos. 

This is also true for Hispanic communities residing in the Southwest, where the local water was reported to contain arsenic.

The continuous discoveries of contaminants in tap water have caused some doubt and suspicion among Hispanic citizens. 

A lot of them have chosen to consume bottled water, believing that it is a safer alternative. 

However, researchers believe that bottler water can be riskier since the source is unknown and test results are not guaranteed.

Contaminants in U.S. Water Systems

The various contaminants that were found in U.S. Water Systems have varying health effects on its consumers. 

Some of the health effects include cancer, blue baby syndrome, premature births, hormone disruption, and lower IQ levels.

The problem has caught the attention of many public health campaigners and organizations, including the Environmental Working Group (EWG). 

These organizations have recently asked for accountability from the government to address issues relating to the water supply.

The current administration, led by Biden, has assured that public and environmental health will be one of their focuses. 

Experts believe that the hazardous threat of contaminants present in water needs to be solved since their effects compound as time passes.

According to the data analyzed by the Guardian, the following areas in the United States are the most at risk from consuming polluted water:

  • Coal Mountain, West Virginia
    • It affects an estimated number of 118 residents.
    • The area was revealed to have the most number of violations recorded by EPA, 595 points, in five years.


  • Lubbock County, Texas
    • The investigation revealed that the area contains 24 of the most polluted water systems.
    • The contaminated water systems cater to many consumers, including senior citizen facilities, sports camps, and mobile home parks.


  • The Klondike Independent School District (ISD)
    • It affects an estimated number of 270 students, half of whom are Hispanic.
    • The Klondike ISD in Dawson and Martin County were reported to have breached 390 points (according to the five year EPA data)
    • Contaminants reported: arsenic, coliform bacteria, disinfectants, nitrates, copper, radionuclides, and inorganic chemicals.

Editor’s Note on Contaminated Water Systems In The US Affects Millions –

This article is published to inform you of the latest investigation conducted on U.S. Public Water Systems.

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