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Consumers Hesitant About the COVID-19 Vaccine Consider The Consumer

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Consumers Hesitant About the COVID-19 Vaccine

Vaccine Information should be Clear

As trials are underway, researchers from Brigham Young University in a new study are gauging consumers’ readiness to take one of these treatments.

The study finds that the majority of consumers are supportive of a vaccine but there should be clearer specifics about the details.

Researchers expressed that “messages promoting the COVID-19 vaccine need to alleviate the concerns of those who are already vaccine-hesitant… Vaccine hesitancy is growing and the World Health Organization has already deemed it one of the top threats to global health.”

Hesitancy about the Covid Vaccine

Nearly 70 percent of the 316 survey respondents answered in favor of a COVID-19 vaccine, but a lot have expressed concerns about general vaccine-related fears, which include potential side effects and overall effectiveness.

These results were consistent with participants’ beliefs about vaccines. The hesitancy that respondents feel comes from ambiguity about the vaccine’ particulars, including the testing process. Many of the respondents feel the need for a much more long-term testing to be completed.

To ease these fears and apprehensions, clearer information and messaging have to be provided to consumers, stating that “public health messaging regarding COVID-19 vaccination should be less about the individual need for vaccination and more about the country and how to get it back to where it needs to be.”

The Need for Clarity

As consumers reveal their feelings and thoughts about the vaccines, researchers hope that future communications will address those concerns, indicating that “it is critical that we understand the potential barriers to vaccine uptake prior to the release of a COVID vaccine. By understanding these barriers, we can design publicity strategies that will speak directly to the potential issues and hopefully get out ahead of any public dissent. With a vaccine being the most powerful weapon, we have to end this global pandemic, the knowledge from this study is absolutely critical.”

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