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Almost 30% of Young Adults Uninformed of Common Stroke Symptoms

What are Common Stroke Symptoms? 

A recent study made by researchers from the American Heart Association discovered that almost 30% of consumers under the age of 45 have no idea of the most common signs of a stroke.

“While the medical community has made significant improvements to reduce the severity and complications of strokes with early interventions, these efforts are of limited value if patients do not recognize the stroke symptoms,” stated researcher Dr. Khurram Nasir. “Time is critical for treating stroke. The earlier people recognize symptoms, the better their chances are to reduce long-term disability from stroke.” 

Knowing Your Common Stroke Symptoms

This study involves more than 9,8000 responders to the 2017 National Health Interview Survey. All the respondents included in this research are under the age of 45. This study showed participants the symptoms and responders were tasked to identify whether the symptoms are connected to strokes or not.

The researchers have discovered that almost 30 percent of the participants failed to identify the five most common symptoms that are indicative of a stroke. Moreover, three percent of the participants couldn’t even determine any of the signs connected to a stroke.

“With the growing risk of stroke among younger adults in the U.S., our study sheds light on particularly vulnerable individuals and communities that already experience a disproportionately greater burden of stroke and cardiovascular risk factors, as well as reduced access to health care services,” Dr. Nasir added.

Learn The Five Most Common Stroke Symptoms

Below are the five most common stroke symptoms: 

  • Trouble seeing;
  • Confusion or trouble speaking;
  • Severe headache; 
  • Numbness of the face, arm, or legs, and; 
  • Difficulty walking or loss of balance. 

“With proper, timely medical attention, stroke is largely treatable,” stated researcher Dr. Mitchell S.V. Elkind. “The faster you are treated, the more likely you are to minimize the long-term effects of a stroke and even prevent death. Calling 9-1-1 is critical because trained EMS personnel can start the care protocol en route to the hospital and have specialized teams standing by, ready at the hospital to administer the most appropriate treatment immediately.” 

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