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Despite Negative Feedback, Chipotle Queso Sales Are Doing Fine

Chipotle fans across the globe were waiting for the day to come for quite some time. The masses that were begging for Chipotle Queso finally had their prayers answered, though much to their dismay, the cheesy dip seemed to largely disappoint.

Sure, Chipotle Queso made plenty of headlines, but many of them were ribbing the chain for the poor job they did when concocting the recipe. With all this being said, though, Chipotle still claims that most people actually like the queso, and it isn’t, at all, hurting the brand’s sales.


In announcing the company’s latest quarterly earnings, Chipotle CEO Steve Ellis argued that the burrito chain had been able to “change the narrative about Chipotle” in the wake of the high-profile 2015-2016 food-borne illness and norovirus outbreaks at numerous Chipotle locations. Sales through the first nine months of 2017 were up 17% over the same period last year, said Ells.

Furthermore, Chief Marketing Officer Mark Crumpacker explained during the call that around 19% of the new and “lapsed” customers visiting in recent months ordered queso, and around 15% of customers are continuing to order it either as a side or as a topping to their entrée, Crumpacker also spoke of the sales at the California and Colorado restaurants where queso was initially tested average out to around 15% long after those tests began. While queso-haters on social media are rather loud, the company claims that its research found that “93% of customers that tried queso on an entrée said they like our queso” The Consumerist reports.


What do you think? Drop a line below and give us your opinion. We know that our “official” office taste tester, Mark, wasn’t a huge fan of the stuff…

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