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Children Taking Steroids for a Prolonged Period of Time Could Suffer Future Health Complications

Be Wary of Future Health Complications

Most kids suffering from asthma or autoimmune conditions are likely to take steroids to manage their condition. However, a recent study from Rutgers University’s researchers is now looking into its effects when it comes to the child’s long-term health.

Their study has stated that these kinds of drugs can increase the possibility of several future health risks for children, including blood clots, diabetes, and high blood pressure. 

“The rates of diabetes, high blood pressure, and blood clots from oral steroids have been studied in large populations of adults,” researcher Daniel Horton revealed. “However, there are reasons to think these findings might be different in children, who not only tend to take steroids differently than adults but also have much lower baseline risks of developing these same cardiovascular and metabolic conditions. This study allowed us to put numbers on the association between oral steroids and rare, but potentially serious, complications in children.” 

Who’s At Risk?

In their study, the researchers evaluated more than 933,000 medical records of children, aging 1 to 18. All of them had taken steroids to manage their conditions.

After conducting the study, the researchers found out that there’s a connection between steroid prescriptions and an increased risk of high blood pressure, blood clots, and diabetes. Meanwhile, some kids tend to be more prone to these risks than others. Specifically, children who suffer autoimmune deficiencies are more likely to suffer from complications than those kids with asthma.

Furthermore, complications arise when children take high doses of steroids for a prolonged period. Thus, proving that asthma sufferers who received this treatment don’t usually suffer from the complication because they’re only taking it short-term.

“While children receiving high-dose steroids were at substantially higher risk for developing diabetes, high blood pressure or blood clots relative to children not taking these medicines, the absolute risk for these complications was still small,” revealed Horton. “The vast majority of children taking brief courses of steroids for conditions such as asthma, for instance, will not experience these complications.” 

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