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Cardiac Patch Set To Make Waves in Heart Attack Recovery Process Consider The Consumer

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Cardiac Patch Set To Make Waves in Heart Attack Recovery Process

Learn About the Cardiac Patch

When a heart attack occurs, it often can change the lives of both the one who had the episode and the people close to them. The American Chemical Society has recently created a cardiac patch that will help patients recovering from a heart attack. There were trials that have been conducted on mice and pigs, where the researchers found it to be important, and effective in lessening the inflammation of the heart and improving its overall function.

Improving the Quality of Life

There were areas of the heart that the cardiac patch will focus on, as these were seen to be the most affected areas when a heart attack occurs. They are also the areas that prove to be the most difficult with the recovery process.

These areas are seen to be either inflamed, lost cardiac cells, and their blood vessels were impaired. To induce the growth of cells and for them to regenerate, the cardiac patch’s design helps in combining synthetic blood vessels and human cardiac stromal cells.

The patches were first tested in mice and pigs for four weeks after they experienced a heart attack, and their results were monitored by the researchers. The patches were seen to be effective in healing many areas that patients have difficulty with after experiencing a heart attack.

The pigs who were given the patch were also seen to have lesser inflamed areas compared to the ones who didn’t have the patch. There were also improved growth levels of new blood vessels. 

The cardiac patch also helped the cardiac cells stay healthy, and with the mice, researchers saw how the patch made the blood flow more effectively throughout the heart.

The researchers reported that there’s a lot of work that needs to be done before the patch is ready for human trials, although results look promising.

When a person recovers from a heart attack, it is a long and painful journey. With the cardiac patch, it may just be the key we’re looking for to ease the recovery process and give a better quality of life to the patients.

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