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Cannabis Can Help with OCD Symptoms Consider The Consumer

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Cannabis Can Help with OCD Symptoms, A New Study Says

Cannabis Can Help With OCD

The latest study from Washington State University has discovered that cannabis can benefit consumers suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) symptoms.

“We’re trying to build knowledge about the relationship of cannabis use and OCD because it’s an area that is really understudied,” stated researcher Dakota Mauzay. 

In this study, the researchers evaluated the results from the app Strainprint. This app is a resource for consumers who utilize marijuana for medical purposes. Also, this app lets users track which strains of the drug are most applicable in treating their symptoms. This study has spanned for almost three years with 87 participants with OCD.

The three primary symptoms of OCD are anxiety, compulsions, and unwanted thoughts. The researchers found that cannabis effectively helps in decreasing the intensity of these symptoms in the short-term. The use of cannabis helped reduce all three symptoms by at least 50 percent. 

Cannabis and Compulsion

Among the three symptoms, cannabis is most effective in dealing with compulsions. 60% of the participants were less likely to do repetitive actions upon using the substance. Furthermore, the compulsions were reduced further when the researchers increased the dose of cannabis.

“The results overall indicate that cannabis may have some beneficial short-term but not really long-term effects on obsessive-compulsive disorder,” revealed researcher Carrie Cuttler. “To me, the CBD findings are really promising because it is not intoxicating. This is an area of research that would really benefit from clinical trials looking at changes in compulsions, intrusions, and anxiety with pure CBD.”

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