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California Wage Violations Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

California Working Conditions: Collect Cash For Wage Violations

If you are employed in the state of California your employment rights may have been violated within the last couple of years. You should be aware that California Labor Law protects the rights of employees to fair wages, proper working conditions, and much more. If your employer breaks any of these laws, they can face stiff penalties and must also compensate their workers (you!) for this unfair treatment.

If you have been employed in the state of California and were subjected to any of the following violations, understand that there are rights protecting you, and do not have to take matters into your own hands.

Have any of the following conditions affected you?

  • Unpaid Hours (working off the clock)
  • Incorrect Rate of Pay Calculations
  • Failed reimbursement of business and work related expenses
  • Unpaid Overtime Wages
  • Interrupted Meal and Rest Breaks
  • Failed to provide written notice of material terms of employment

If these conditions seem familiar to you, please join the investigation, below:

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To note, all employment relationships are to be included in this Class Action Investigation. These relationships include:

  • Working directly for an employer
  • Being referred to work by a staffing agency
  • Classified as an independent contractor (or as exempt) but are actually an employee based on the control over you put on by the company you are working for.

Join the California Wage Violations Class Action Lawsuit Investigation Today!

California Employment Laws are some of the most bountiful of their kind. As most written laws can be, though, they are difficult to comprehend. If you wish to join the California Wage Violations Lawsuit, speaking with a California Labor Attorney can help better determine if you meet the requirements to seek back pay of unpaid overtime, minimum wage, missed break opportunities, and more.

If you wish to speak with a California Labor Attorney, please fill out the submission form below.

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If you believe to have been affected, please note that our friends at The Law Offices Stephen M. Harris are on the case. If the allegations above seem familiar to you, and you wish to discuss your legal rights, please contact the firm immediately.

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