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Get to Know the California Call Recording Law

California Call Recording Laws: The Ins and Outs

Ever realized that the confidential information you’re sharing someone in a call can be recorded and be used against you? We’ve seen this kind of scheme in fiction and it can be a real horror. Fortunately, the California recording laws were established to protect you and your rights.

In California, laws were passed to make it illegal for anyone or business to record calls without the consent of the parties involved in the call. These laws apply to inbound and outbound calls.

Thus, if you called or received a call from a company while you were in the state of California and you weren’t warned that the call was recorded, they are violating your privacy rights.

In the recent AeroMexico class action lawsuit that has settled for $3.3 million, the customers whose calls were recorded alleged an invasion of privacy.

If you were a victim of call recording, learn how you can be eligible to join this California call recording class action lawsuit investigation. Fill out this form to learn more.

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California Call Recording Law: What Is Consent?

To be considered consensual, the one who wishes to record should ask for the consent must notify the other party beforehand. Then, the other party must be given a clear verbal agreement after being notified. If there is no verbal agreement, any attempt of recording is illegal and can be subjected to investigations.

Editor’s Note on the California Call Recording Law:

This piece is written to give you a thorough explanation of the California Call Recording Law. If you believe that you are eligible to be a member of the class of consumers described in the class action, you may be entitled to receive any compensation the court may award.

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