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Brooklyn Postal Worker Arrested, 17,000 Pieces of Mail Found Undelivered Dyker Heights Consider The Consumer

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Brooklyn Postal Worker Arrested, 17,000 Pieces of Mail Found Undelivered

Mail Fraud strikes again as a story breaks about the recently overhwhelmed Brooklyn Postal Worker arrest. It has been reported that a United States Postal Worker (USPS) in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, was arrested after 17,000 pieces of undelivered mail were found in his car, his apartment, and his home. The Postal Worker was arrested promptly after the mail was discovered undelivered. The mailman claims that he was simply overwhelmed, and could not deliver the sheer volume he was tasked with on a daily basis. Here’s what we know about what got this Brooklyn Postal Worker arrested.

His name is Aleksey Germash and he has been a letter carrier for USPS for more than 16 years. Germash is said to have had undelivered mail from as far back as 2005 in his possession. Germas has told investigators that he held onto the mail because he was so overwhelmed by the amount he had to deliver each day. Germash said he made sure to deliver “the important mail,” however, which is hilarious.

Pix 11 reports that officials found about 10,000 pieces of undelivered mail in his car, approximately 1,000 pieces in his locker and around 6,000 additional pieces of undelivered mail in his apartment.

They started investigating after they received information about full mailbags inside Germash’s car. USPS employees found 20 full bags in his car on April 18.

He was arrested April 19.

Germash is not the first postal worker to keep mail instead of delivering it. Agents arrested a Long Island letter carrier earlier this month after they found dozens of bags filled with undelivered mail behind his home.

Anyone who thinks they may have been a victim of mail theft or slow delivery can call 888-USPS-OIG or file a complaint online at

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