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Black Friday TV Deals Consider The Consumer

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Black Friday TV Deals For The 2017 Shopping Season

If you’ve always shopped on Black Friday, you may have noticed that it takes more work these days to find the best deals, especially on TVs. Online shopping means it’s no longer enough to sort through the Black Friday circulars of a few local retailers on the weekend before Thanksgiving. No worries—CR has done a lot of the legwork for you with this annual list of the best Black Friday TV deals, which we’ve grouped in two price ranges. The biggest change from last year is that we’re seeing a large number of 4K UHD TVs offered at low prices.

Black Friday TV deals have always involved super-low-price doorbusters, often on lesser-known brands, but this year we’ve also seen a lot of major-brand sets, especially from LG, Samsung, and Vizio. A number of these models are in our TV ratings, but we’ve also seen some new “seasonal” models that have just rolled out.

As you scan this list, remember that we expect online retailers to react to each other’s deals right through the Black Friday weekend, and then on Cyber Monday. So it’s smart to monitor promotions and pricing until the minute you’re ready to buy. Before you head out to a store, check out our top 10 Black Friday shopping tips.

Black Friday TV Deals Under $500

The best TV deal we’ve seen so far is a 50-inch Sharp 4K Roku TV for $180, at Best Buy. This is the Sharp LC-50LBU591U, and it’s priced the same as the smaller, less capable 40-inch Element 1080 set at Target listed below. (We haven’t tested either set.)

Here are all the other deals we’ve seen, in ascending price order:

32-inch HDTV, $90 at Target
The ad doesn’t specify the model, but the price is among the lowest we’ve seen. We think it might be the Polaroid 32GSR3000FC, a basic 60Hz 720p model. If so, it usually sells for $130.

32-inch 720p Insignia TV, $100 at Best Buy
This is the Insignia NS-32D220NA18, a basic 60Hz set with two HDMI inputs. We tested this model, and it’s a decent set with very good picture quality and a wider-than-average viewing angle for an LCD TV.

39-inch Element 1080p smart TV, $125 at Walmart
No model is listed, but we now think it’s the Element ELSW3917BF, not the Element ELEFW3916 we initially suggested in our Walmart Black Friday post. If so, it’s a basic 60Hz 720p set.

32-inch TCL Roku TV, $135 at Walmart
This is the TCL 32S301, a model in our TV ratings with very good picture quality.  It usually sells for about $170.

40-inch Element 1080p smart TV, $180 at Target
We think it could be the Element ELST4017, which usually sells for about $250. It’s a basic 60Hz 1080 smart TV. But the deal at Walmart listed above seems better given the 1-inch difference in screen size—and this is a 1080p set.

43-inch Vizio 1080p smart TV, $198 at Walmart
We think this is a D-series set belonging to Vizio’s entry-level series. The manufacturer has a number of D-series models, but we think it could be the Vizio D43N-E4, since most Vizio models are smart TVs and this one isn’t listed as one. If so, it usually sells for about $330.

43-inch Polaroid 4K 120Hz smart TV, $230 at Target
We’re not sure which model this is. Target sells the Polaroid 43GSR4100KL with the same specs for the same price right now. But the stand looks a bit different. The similar Polaroid 43GSR4100KN has sold for about $350.

55-inch Westinghouse 4K UHD TV, $250 at Target. This appears to be one of Target’s flagship TV deals; it’s a low price for a 55-inch 4K TV. Note that Westinghouse sets haven’t typically performed very well in our tests.

55-inch Toshiba 4K UHD TV smart TV, $280 at Best Buy. This model, the Toshiba 55L711U18, is available on Nov 24. This is about $200 off the regular price. We tested this set and it did well, with very good HD picture quality and UHD performance.

55-inch Sharp 4K UHD smart TV, $298 at Walmart
We had speculated it could be the Sharp LC-55LB481U, but it now looks like it’s the Sharp LC-55P6000U. We didn’t test this set, and we don’t really see it being sold at other retailers.

55-inch Haier 4K UHD TV, $300 at Kohl’s
We don’t know the model number, but it could be the Haier 55E5500U, which we saw selling for just under $400 earlier this year.

40-inch Samsung 4K smart TV, $328, at Walmart
This is the Samsung UN40MU6290, part of a series we’re seeing in a lot of Black Friday ads this year. The Costco Black Friday sale has a 40-inch Samsung 4K smart TV for $300 that looks just like this model. If so, you’re better off buying it there. It may also be part of BJ’s Black Friday sale, priced at $330, and even Samsung is selling this set directly to consumers for $330. It’s about $450 at other stores right now.

49-inch LG 4K smart TV, $328, at Walmart
Again, no model is listed, but we think it’s the LG 49UJ6200, which LG is selling on its own website right now for $400. BJ’s has the LG 49UJ6300 or the LG 49UJ6500 for $370. We don’t really see this set at other retailers right now.

49-inch TCL 4K Roku TV, $350, at Target
We think this is the TCL 49S405, which usually sells for about $360 at Best Buy and other retailers and $380 at Target. CR has tested this 4K Roku TV. It’s a decent if not standout set with very good UHD performance but below-average HD picture quality.

49-inch LG 4K UHD smart TV, $400, at Kohl’s
This is the LG 49UJ6300, offered as a doorbuster special for $400. We’ve tested this model, which is currently selling for about $500, or $100 more than Kohl’s special price. It performed well in our labs.

43-inch Samsung 4K smart TV, $430 at Dell
This set becomes appreciably cheaper if you can use the $150 Dell gift card that’s offered with it.

55-inch Samsung 4K UHD smart TV, $500, at Kohl’s
This is the Samsung UN55MU6290, a popular Black Friday model, for $500. Samsung is also selling it directly for the same price as part of its Black Friday sale. Right now it’s selling for about $200 more. The TV at Kohl’s is a doorbuster that will be available in limited quantities, according to the ad.

50-inch Vizio 4K smart UHD TV, $500, at Dell
This is a step-up model, the Vizio M50-E1, and once again Dell sweetens the deal, this time with a $100 gift card.

Black Friday TV Deals Over $500

60-inch Sharp 4K UHD smart TV, $550 at Best Buy
This set, the Sharp LC-60P6070U, is usually about $800. This is a Best Buy exclusive.

58-inch Samsung 4K UHD smart TV, $598 at Walmart
This is the Samsung UN58MU6070. This model appears to be limited to Walmart and Sam’s Club. We saw it listed for just under $800 as part of the Sam’s Club pre-Black Friday sale, but in that case, it’s being bundled with a Samsung sound bar. You can buy this set for $698 on Walmart right now, so you’ll really save $100.

55-inch Samsung 4K smart TV, $600 at Dell
This is the Samsung UN55MU6300, an entry-level 4K model that did well in our TV ratings, with excellent HD picture quality, very good UHD performance, and very good sound. It’s selling for about $700 currently; since Dell is offering a $100 gift card, that means you can save about $200, provided you can use the gift card.

60-inch Sony 4K UHD smart TV, $600, at Best Buy
We don’t see a lot of deals on Sony sets, but this one is for the Sony KD-60X690E. We didn’t test this set, but it sells for close to $1,000 right now, so this is a great deal on a major-brand set.

60-inch Vizio 4K smart TV, $700 at Dell
If you throw in the $200 Dell gift card, this Vizio E60-E3 set, in Vizio’s entry-level SmartCast series for 2017, looks like a good buy. It’s about $750 right now at Best Buy.

65-inch Samsung 4K UHD smart TV, $750 at Best Buy
This is the Samsung UN65MU6070FXZA, which we haven’t really seen before. (The 58-inch version of this model is at Walmart, above.) But it’s $100 less than the 65-inch Samsung UN65MU6290 we’ve seen selling for about $850 or more.

65-inch LG 4K UHD smart TV, $800 at Dell
This is an online-only doorbuster deal available at 11 a.m. on Nov. 23. The LG 65UJ6300 is a model we’ve tested and included in our TV ratings; it offers very good high-definition picture quality and very good UHD performance. Right now it’s selling for about $900 at several retailers, and you can get it at Best Buy for the same $800 price Dell is listing. However, Dell throws in a $150 gift card, so that appears to be the real savings.

70-inch Vizio 4K UHD smart TV, $980 at both BJ’s and Costco
Those looking for a jumbo-sized 4K TV this year should consider this sub-$1,000 model from Vizio. It’s the Vizio E70-E3, a SmartCast set that’s in our TV ratings. If you’re looking to go even bigger, BJ’s has its 75-inch sibling, the Vizio E75-E3 model, for $1,500.

The above was reported by Consumer Reports.

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