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Authorities Looking Into Claims Of Illegal Labor Practices Against Oil And Gas Company Workers

Attention! If you work at an oil and gas company within the last three years, this ongoing investigation may be beneficial for you. 

Authorities and legal experts are looking into complaints of labor violations perpetrated against employees of oil and gas companies. 

According to reports, oil and gas workers have been denied payment for their overtime work. 

Companies have refused to pay them their overtime fees, pointing to a variety of reasons ranging from workers being misclassified as exempt from receiving overtime pay to being labeled as independent contractors. 

Workers have complained that this is a systematic occurrence in most oil and gas companies in the industry. Additionally, it affects a large number of individuals. 

This is not the first time oil and gas companies have gotten in trouble with the law for their alleged employment violations revolving around the payment of just and proper compensations to workers. 

A noteworthy case involved workers of Talisman Energy scoring a legal victory against their employer. 

This came after the United States Department of Labor has filed a lawsuit alleging the company violating employee laws. 

A panel in Philadelphia agreed with the Labor Department’s case and sided with the plight of the aggrieved workers.

Later on in 2018, a federal judge has affirmed the earlier decision that the oil and gas workers were entitled to receive their overtime pay from Talisman Energy.

If you are an oil and gas company worker and you have experienced any form of maltreatment in your workplace, including but not limited to non-payment of wages, especially overtime pay, we here at Consider The Consumer would like to hear from you. 

Editor’s Note on Illegal Labor Practices Against Oil And Gas Company Workers:

This article’s goal is to provide you the latest information regarding the launch of an investigation to look for possible abuses done against oil and gas workers. There have been reports that most workers were not given the overtime pay they deserved, along with other incidents. 

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