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Reports Say Apple Search Engine is Coming! An Alternative to Google Consider The Consumer

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Reports Say Apple Search Engine is Coming! An Alternative to Google

Apple’s Efforts are Riding on Google’s Antitrust Lawsuit

The Financial Times have reported that Apple is developing its own search technology for iPhones in the event that regulators find it key to the case that Google pays $8-12 billion to Apple each year to have the former’s search engine installed as a default search tool.

According to the Department of Justice (DOJ), the goal is to “restore the role of competition and open the door to the next wave of innovation — this time in vital digital markets.”

A Barely Noticeable Change?

Apple has recently reconfigured the default search results on their iPhones to be theirs and not Google’s, mimicking Google’s auto-complete function.

The change has been made in such a way that iPhone users barely notice any difference.

Should the DOJ block the partnership between Apple and Google, Apple will be ready so consumers will not be affected much by the change.

Apple’s “Applebot”, a web crawler that databases online content, has also been observed to be more active recently. However, it has come with criticisms before in regard to its poor functionality and “sloppy programming” which Apple has to address to match Google search’s functionality.

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