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Americans Received 26.3 Billion Robocalls In 2018 Consider The Consumer

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Americans Received 26.3 Billion Robocalls In 2018; Up 46% From 2017

Americans Received 26.3 Billion Robocalls In 2018

Americans have gotten so many robocalls lately that a lot of us are simply choosing to simply not answer our phone calls altogether. This, anyway, was one of the biggest takeaways from a recent report by Hiya, a Seattle-based spam monitoring service who analyzed activity from 450,000 users of its app to determine the scope of unwanted robocalling — and how phone users react when they receive an automated call, per Trib Live. Evidently, Americans Received 26.3 Billion Robocalls last year, up nearly 50% from a year ago.

Hiya’s report also found that this already large number of robocalls is only going to get larger. Of the 26.3 billion robocalls placed to U.S. phone numbers last year, which was already up from 18 billion in 2017, and if this continues, which trends do point toward, it’s possible that as many as 50% of cellphone calls in 2019 could be spam. That is outrageous, folks.

Businesses claim that they do have purposes for using robocalls, the amounts of these robocalls are a constant challenge for regulators.

In looking at a month’s worth of calling data, Hiya found each of its users reported an average of 10 robocalls. However, a ton more calls, about 60 on average, were from unrecognized, foreign phone numbers which the receiver did not recognize.

The scary part is that about half of these robocalls are being answered, giving these scammers more and more access to what they want. “As our phones continue to be inundated by robocalls, many people no longer want to pick up the phone at all,” said Hiya CEO Alex Algard. But, Algard added, that can also lead to missing important calls from doctors’ offices, banks, schools and other institutions. Regulators are moving to get a jump on these spam robocalls, and are beginning to issue huge fines against these scammers who have been harassing people on the national do-not-call telemarketing list, while also adopting rules and law which facilitate the turn out of new technologies to stop these nonsensical calls.

It’s been noted that the FCC has received over 52,000 complaints about robocalls in 2018, and Consider The Consumer has received quite a decent amount as well. Unfortunately, it’s something we have to deal with on a daily basis, but there does seem to be some light at the end of this tunnel. Hopefully, by 2020, we are Robocall free!

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