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Amazon Fined With $875 Million Over Violating European GDPR Law…

Amazon Ordered To Pay Off European Regulators $875 Million In Relation To Allegations That The Company Has Violated Data Privacy Rules 

Internet company behemoth Amazon has been ordered by European regulators to pay up €746 million ($875 million) after the company allegedly violated certain data privacy statutes in the European Union (EU). 

Report: Europe’s Top Privacy Regulator Fines Amazon Millions Of Euros 

The fine was reported by a major cable network news and media company in the United States recently. According to the information available to the public, Amazon has been forced by the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR of the EU. 

Serving as the European coalition of countries’ designated government agency responsible for enforcing privacy rules and regulations, the GDPR has concluded that Amazon was not able to follow the regulatory body’s customer information privacy requirements. 

Amazon is alleged to have violated the continent’s consumer information privacy law with its ads practices. The allegations originated from a suit filed against Amazon in 2018. 

Amazon Did Not Uphold Sound Privacy-related Business Practices – Complainant 

Led by the Paris-based privacy rights collective La Quadrature du Net, the complaint argued to the officials at GDPR that Amazon has not been following the rules and regulations as they continued to conduct misdeeds revolving around their data collection practices. 

Amazon was accused of carrying out potentially illegal data handling and consumer privacy management for the benefit of its targeted ads program. 

Officials at the GDPR have forwarded the decision to the Amazon European headquarters in Luxembourg. However, the company has vehemently denied the allegations and retorted that the decision was not respectable. Amazon representatives have released a statement stating that they are looking forward and very much willing to appeal the decision. 

About The Company

Founded by one of the wealthiest individuals alive, Amazon is a multinational Internet, technology, and marketplace company that is considered as one of the most important major players in the United States’ Internet and information technology business sector. Amazon offers a plethora of products and services ranging from their online selling and buying platform to AI-(artificial intelligence) run device Alexa. 

Editor’s Note on Amazon Fined With $875 Million Over Violating European GDPR Law: 

This feature discusses the latest news involving giant Amazon after they were forced to pay an 850 million dollars fine with regards to their purportedly illegal data handling and other related business practices. Amazon has also been charged with monopoly lawsuit for overcharging its customers.

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