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Study Shows Acetaminophen Poisonings Are Increasing Consider The Consumer

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Study Shows Acetaminophen Poisonings Are Increasing

Recent Acetaminophen Poisonings Are Steadily Increasing According To Study

Paracetamol is popular as a treatment for pain, but recent studies showed by researchers from ETH Zurich that poisonings after ingesting paracetamol or acetaminophen is steadily increasing. Studies also point out the risks it poses for pregnant women.

As higher doses of acetaminophen can be bought in Switzerland, poisoning is also on the rise.

Always Follow the Dosage

Researchers underwent a study to see how the sales of acetaminophen and drug-related poisonings are linked to each other.

Before 2003, consumers could only buy a maximum of 500 mg of acetaminophen, although a few years after, people may have 1,000 mg. After two years, sales of 1,000 mg outsold the 500 mg, and this trend continued for 20 years.

In the years when 1,000 mg of acetaminophen were available, researchers saw that acetaminophen poisonings also climbed. It steadily increased to 40% during the five years that the higher dosage of acetaminophen was made available to consumers.

The recommended dosage for acetaminophen is 4,000 mg every day. With the higher dosage available ready to consumers, it was also easier for them to increase their dosage.

Pain management can be very difficult, but consumers are advised by medical professionals to watch their intake and follow the recommended dosage by their own physicians. Taking too much of the drug can result in liver failure.

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