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20/20 Eye Care Network Data Breach 2021 - Over 3 Million Customers Affected

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20/20 Eye Care Network Data Breach 2021 – Over 3 Million Customers Affected…

Florida Eye Care Company Falls Victim To Latest Data Breach Incident, More Than 3 Million People Affected

The Florida-based 20/20 Eye Care and Hearing Network has fallen victim to a data breach from online hackers this year in January.

It is believed that more than three million 20/20 Eye Care and Hearing Network users are reported to have fallen to the data breach incident.

20/20 Eye Care Network Faced Massive Data Breach 

According to reports and inside word from those who are savvy to the subject matter, 20/20 Eye Care Network Inc. has suffered from an alleged hacking incident. The data breach incident involved the company’s Amazon Web Services or AWS online platform environment. The 20/20 Eye Care Network And Hearing Network Data Hack reportedly happened in January of 2021. 

Upon finding out about the incident, 20/20 Eye Care proceeded to beef up its AWS platform’s security and decided to conduct a thorough investigation to find out the full extent of the attack. 

Their findings suggested that the company’s more than three million customers may have had their health plan records illegally accessed by online fraudsters. 

It is said that not only that, users’ names, addresses, Social Security numbers, member identification information, and the like are amongst the types of data unlawfully accessed by unauthorized third-party agents.

The company soon informed the affected victims the following month. Even authorities from the FBI or Federal Bureau of Investigation have been involved in the whole probe. 

As of writing, the company is still looking into the possible motive behind the attacks perpetrated by unauthorized individuals against them. Furthermore, a 20/20 official has already informed the authorities about the matter. 

About The Company

20/20 Eye Care Network is a Florida-based company that focuses on providing a series of different products and services relating to optics and general eye care. The company, according to its official website, works hand in hand with different eye care professionals and facilities ranging from ophthalmologists, optometrists to surgeons to provide top-notch across-the-board care to customers. 

Editor’s Note on 20/20 Eye Care Network Data Breach 2021:

This report is all about the news of the latest data breach incident Florida company 20/20 Eye Care Network experienced in early 2021, affecting over three million of its clients. 

Case Name(s) & No: 20/20 Eye Care Network Data Breach 2021 

Products/Services Involved: Customers’ Private Data

Allegation(s): 20/20 Eye Care and Hearing Network’s online Amazon platform has been targeted by hackers, which led to the data of more than three million people getting stolen. 

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